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So our new SE is a program guy

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    Why would a scout exec be a program guy? The professionals have nothing to do with program. They are there to raise money through popcorn, FOS, special events, etc. They are concerned with recruitment and access to schools. The volunteers are the ones who deliver the program. There's no program in the scout exec's scope.


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      Actually pros get reputations. Some are known as "program folks" who can help develop programs. Others are known as "memberbship folks" who know how to recruit folks. Some are known as "money folks" because they are good at the fundraising.

      It's my understanding that when a SE vacancy occurs, the needs of the council do play a role and a group of people who have reps in that area are forwarded to the council committee for selection.

      I wish I could forget the last category that people get a rep in, and that is "IDIOTS" to put it extremely mildly. i worked for 2 pros in this category.


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        I am in agreement with BSA24 that it is the volunteers who deliver the program and not the pros with this exception - summer camp.

        Summer camp is a program that is delivered by paid folks. The program which consists of maintaining the camp, hiring an adequate and trained staff, ensuring that the camp is prepared with the necessary supplies to implement the program falls on the SE and his employees. And in my council, the pros have failed miserably. The Scouts do not get the program promised to them by the council for the fee they pay. Lack of staff, lack of supplies, a camp in disrepair, a camp where the motorboats haven't been checked to see if they actually run before the beginning of camp, etc. all falls on the SE and his staff. Volunteers do not manage the camps nor do they administer the program in the case of summer camp.

        And like Basement, my council also had their Scout office renovated. The reason? According to the SE, it was a sh$thole to work in. (his words). Of course I asked him if he had a chance to visit summer camp.

        Program. It doesn't happen at the Scout office. Boys don't swim at the Scout office when the pool at camp is broken the first day of summer camp. Boy's don't climb at the Scout office when the council fails to hire the staff to run the tower at camp. I could go on, but I won't. I am aware of Basement's situation as mine is similar.(This message has been edited by abel magwitch)


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          Right. Which is why I say "follow the money." No, the SE isn't out running the climbing wall, but he has a very strong hand in making sure the wall is in good repair and the equipment is there. In other words, what's his priority for allocating resources?


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            Yes it is the volunteers who run programs, but the pros can provide the push that is needed to get something going.

            Best example is my current SE. I'd call him a "program freak" because he saw a problem with our council's Cub Scout programing, i.e. lack of it on the council level, and has nudged and pushed volunteers to resurrect a Cub Scout outdoor committee, and we now have 2 council level cub family camp outs every year. Unlike the pros I worked for, he actually comes to events to see what is going on.

            Another example is that he saw a council camp not being maintained as it should. Well he pushed and nudged the OA to have an Ordeal at the camp instead of just a work day that only get 2-3 chapters at the camp. I will say he did tick off some folks doing that. BUT the camp is a heck of a lot better than it was.

            BTW, remember that really severe cold weather a few years back? it was the result of two events that caused Hell to freeze over. #1 the Saints winning the Super Bowl ( WHO DAT!) and #2 an SE who actually spent an Ordeal weekend doing cheerful service. And yes I got the photos to prove it.


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              That's called leadership. Some have it, some don't.


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                "who touts himself as a huge program guy"

                But, you didn't ask which program. Scouting is outing? White Stag leadership? Million dollar popcorn sales? Summer camp not really necessary? First class in six months?

                Some very casual coffee nights are needed to find out what program(s) he wants to implement/improve