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  • Silver Beaver Association

    I wasn't sure if this is the correct forum for this post, but here goes. I am currently spearheading a movement to establish a Silver Beaver organization in our council (Northern Star). I have made inquiries and have contacted our council scout executive and scout professional for advancement. They are in favor of the idea. I would estimate that if we can go forward, I would anticipate upwards of 75-100 Silver Beaver scouts joining the association. Our council typically awards 20-26 Silver Beaver awards every year.

    I am asking anyone reading this post if they have a Silver Beaver Association in your council and if you are a member. How many members do you have? Do you have officers, such as a president, secretary, etc? How do you help your council and its youth, in what areas and in what ways? How often do you meet?

    Any information that could shed some light on what you do would be most appreciated. I am making a presentation to our
    council advancement committee this month, and I am attempting to gather information form other councils that have Silver Beaver Associations.

    MV Scouter

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    What purposes do you expect this association to fill?

    I would be concerned this would become a group of insiders --- an "old boys club."

    Personally I think there's a lot to be said for spreading manure around the garden, rather than heaping it all together.

    So to speak!(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)


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      Seattle, you said it best.

      MV, I can't imagine the purpose of such an organization. At worst, could easily be perceived as a mutual admiration society, and at best, another organization that has a charter, meetings, events, fundraisers, newsletters, etc.

      If the purpose is to highlight the prestige and contribution of SB award recipients, we usually do that at annual award banquets, and other formal events where folks are wearing their SB. As Seattle pointed out, working along side a SB in a troop, committee, whathaveyou, is the best way to benefit all concerned.

      I've been in four councils as an adult, getting ready to join my fifth, and I've never heard of a SB assoc.

      Hopefully I'm wrong, but that's just my initial impression.


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        The pros like the idea because it's an organized group to tap for money. Not saying that's a bad thing, but just very likely thei motivation.

        In the context of your council, what could 75-100 people actually do? Realistically, how often could they get together? Would the group as a group be able to make a practical difference? Who are the prospective members? Are they mostly semi-retireds looking to get back in the game but lacking a current position - in which case this might help them - or are they already active unit- and district-serving Scouters for whom this is just going to be one more drag on their time?

        Answering those questions specific to your council will help you figure out if it's a good idea more than looking to other councils. Look at the people first, group second.


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          We do not have anything that might be called a Silver Beaver Association.
          Some years back my Lady Wife (HWMBO) Was the Chairperson of our annual recognition dinner. I sent out a begging letter to everyone that had received the Silver Beaver, asking if they would like to donate and help pay for the awards for the next class of Beavers.
          We used to present three awards a year, it went up to four but is now back down to three.
          Every year now the letter I wrote arrives back on my doorstep with the info about that years recognition dinner, only the signature at the bottom changes.

          Like others have posted, I'm a little unsure what the goals of an association like this might be?
          There has been lately a discussion in this forum about recipients of the award.
          While no one said it, my feeling is that there are two different groups who receive the award.
          One group is the active uniformed type guys who serve in the Council working for the most part with and for the youth.
          The other group are the Suits who work behind the scenes sometimes accomplishing a big task.
          My thinking is that the active guys really have no need of an association they see and work with the guys that they know and have worked with over the years all the time.
          The other group just don't have the time.
          But I'm wrong a lot! So the best of luck.


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            It was like our councils Eagle association......We were a spigot for money....need a new kybo at camp I would get a post card. naw....

            but ya need to go and read MV's early posts.....He/she is motivated by person recognition. a three row knot wearer and proud of it....... Uniform policeman......

            MV you are misguided.......Instead of forming a Silver Beaver group......Ya need to form something that will directly impact the boys..... Or have the boys in scouting become an inconvenience ????

            How about becoming active in a Friends of Camp and improve the camp


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              Hi MV Scouter,

              I noticed that the replies here were from some of the most seasoned contributors and thought I'd also give you a perspective from one of the newer guys (who is far from SB recognition).

              An important thing with achievements/recognitions like Eagle Scout or the Silver Beaver is that recipients see them as a milestone rather than a finish line. We need to encourage them to continue to contribute and know that their contribution is no less valuable the day before the award than the day after. After all they got their award for stuff that they did as a non-SB. It's also important to remember that so much of the real and important work is what happens at the unit level. With that said, I think the notion of a club for people who crossed the finish line at the council level runs contrary to this.

              My thought is what you should focus the SB efforts on is a small task force that keeps a roll of all past recipients. Once or twice a year, your group could verify who is still active in scouting and if they're not, reach out to them and see if you can reengage them. The council will obviously want them to be an IIC target, but you should focus on keeping them engaged with service that directly benefits the youth.

              Good luck


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                Interesting question, and interesting comments. I don't see many positive replies, and so far no informed ones. I know these organizations exist out there. Cito mentioned reaching out to inactive SBs. That sounds worthwhile, and who's going to do it? Maybe that's part of what this organization would be for. I'd like to see some posts with a positive twist. This could be a good idea with some brainstorming.
                Regarding Basement's post ... I read MV's posts, too, but I wouldn't consider him part of the uniform police if he's willing to wear a district patch on his right sleeve. He says nobody seems to care. Is that a good reason for someone who otherwise pays close attention to the Insignia Guide? I think not.


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                  ...because an inactive SB will only respond to a fellow SB...right?


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                    I'm just looking for the most useful outlet for MV's interest in SB's.

                    There is no telling what motivates each volunteer, the trick is in directing that interest rather than telling them that their brand of motivation is wrong.


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                      I have yet to meet a Scouter seeking personal glory or recognition that hasn't done more harm than good.


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                        I can't recall ever meeting an adult whose purpose in Scouting appeared to be personal glory and recognition.


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                          SP, count your blessings, because in my travels, I've met enclaves of such folks. They exist and are truly a sight to behold! And not in a good way.


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                            Hello desertrat77,

                            Oh, I do.

                            Probably good to know there are places where they are scarce as hens teeth, too.


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                              SP, I concur!