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Winter Camping?

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    Guess we winter camped last to 22 degrees. Most of the boys had 40 degree bags with extra blankets. Some got cold.....But hopefully learned their lesson and will ask for upgraded bags.


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      My boyhood Troop would rent a site with a cabin, and lean-to's for winter months. The older Scouts were encouraged to sleep out and soon realized it was more fun, and usually warmer outside once the fire in the cabin went out. The older Scouts would also take the younger boys under their wings and show them how it was done. The meetings before the weekend campout would be mini winter camping workshops. We had one ASM who NEVER slept in a cabin. He would pitch a tent, hang a tarp, build snow caves,etc... That man walked the walk, and still does.


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        @ The Judge (nldsScout)

        That's when the boys learn a one gallon jug in their tents as a chamberpot is a good thing...


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          Question for the winter vets:

          We're doing our first winter campout this weekend. We live in GA so it's only getting down to around freezing, but for us southerners, that's cold.

          Our site has 9-bunk 3-sided "cabins" as well as an area for tents. So, is it warmer in a 2-man tent with a buddy or does a patrols' worth of body heat counteract the lack of a 4th cabin wall?


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            Tent is warmer - definitely!

            There is no way you would catch me sleeping in a bunk, in a 3-sided building, in below freezing weather.


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              Tents are warmer by maybe 10 degrees, but our boys are nuts about those Adirondacks and bunk-houses! Everybody up here has decent bags and extra blankets. Once your in them, you're warm no matter where you lay them, as long as the bed is dry.


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                Amazing how things have Changed..

                Back in my days as a Scout we Used "Canvas" Baker or Wall Tents...

                I was at a Very popular sporting goods Store recently and I was amazed that they had a Nice big Tent which is light Weight which had a Stove vent..Under 1000.. I still prefer the Canvas Tents..

                I know all you "Gotta hike 50 Milers in a Day" types are jump on and complain about Weight but oh well..

                Once 'outing' was taken out of Scouting and before Leave No Trace made things worse..We would Pitch the tent and build a fire inside a 'fire pit in the Tent' would get nice and toasty. With Today's Scouting issues I can't imagine earning "Wilderness Survival" is anything like it was for us.....Imagine having to cut down living trees and cut off Branches to build a lean to shelter and having to sleep in it..

                Nice link on the Winter Sleeping Bag...The Army use to use a 3 piece system..Outer shell to keep Bags clean and Dry...Summer Months you Used one sleeping Bag inside shell...Winter you used another Bag inside of the Other bag...of course those were feather filled Bags..I always used a Sheet inside my Bag...those pesky feathers had a way of poking you..made for some rough Sleeping