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Internet Advancement File Format (for National BSA site)

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  • Internet Advancement File Format (for National BSA site)

    Can someone send me specifications for post their ADVxxxx.csv file? This is the file that is uploaded for the internet advancement reporting on the national BSA Internet Advancement site. I've tried the National support line and they were no help. Did not know what a CSV file was. I obviously did not get to the right person. If someone could just send me a copy of the file they uploaded for advancements that would be so helpful.

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    What do you need it for? I won't send you mine for privacy reasons. Unless you are creating a new advancement program, I think you'd be better off just using the option in Internet Advancement and manually enter the information.

    I have opened the file in Excel, and honestly, there isn't enough information in the .csv to allow you to recreate it. The first two lines of the file are information about the unit. Beginning at the third line, there are two columns of numbers that I have no idea what they mean, then three columns with Scouts first name, middle initial and last name. Then a column of the Scout's scout ID #, a blank column, then a date, then a code for what was earned--RT is rank Tenderfoot, R1 is rank First Class or a number (10 is Personal Fitness MB). There is a row in the spreadsheet for each Scout, and it ends with a row with two columns of numbers.
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      I too am looking for the format to upload our Rank and Merit Badge to Internet Advancement from an excel file instead of manually typing them all in. Anyone have the .csv format so I can save my in the same format so IA will accept it? We don't use Troopmaster.


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        A .csv file is nothing more than a text file of records that separate the fields of the data with a comma. One can import the file into a spreadsheet or database but the file structure is pretty much just that, a database. If one wishes to make sense out of it they need the interface program that goes along with it. .CSV files are meant to transfer files between interface programs. You have the data, now all you need to do is write your own interface program and you're all set to go. It's doable, but you pretty much have to know what you're doing.