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Diversity Merit Badge?

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  • Diversity Merit Badge?

    Has ANYONE heard of this or have any idea what it is? Our Scoutmaster is insisting it exists and is trying to find a counselor for it.

    It is not American Cultures. It is not Disability Awareness. It is not any of the Citizenships.

    I've Googled it, but there doesn't seem to be one that ever existed. So I'm assuming it's a different name.

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    As Vernon Pinkley said, "Never heard of it."

    OGE, this one is a cream puff.


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      There is no Diversity merit badge listed on, which is the official BSA website. There is a Peace Corps diversity meritbadge.


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        There is, or was, one on one of the spoof sites. Do not know where or when; if googled and not there, then has gone away most likely.


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          I think kudu was advocating for this but I could be wrong.


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            Future merit badges are listed here



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              no. BSA has repeatedly stated its opposition to diversity.

              However the Diversity/inclusiveness badge for scout uniform wear can be purchased


              the first link it costs 1.00 and the second 5.00 in single unit cost


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                Is not Diversity a required part of the ticket for the much maligned Wood Badge program?


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                  Abide by the scout oath and law...that pretty much covers diversity.


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                    "BSA has repeatedly stated its opposition to diversity."

                    No it hasn't.

                    The BSA has long be diverse, in times when other groups weren't.

                    The BSA has welcomed people of a wide range of ethnic backgrounds (blacks, american indians, jews, etc) when they weren't welcome in general society.

                    The BSA has welcomed people of a wide range of faiths (catholic, jewish, buddhist, muslim, etc) again, when they weren't always welcome in general society.

                    Diversity, however, is not and should not be a primary principle or value that needs to be pushed, as some seem to think.


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                      Our council has created a Diversity Award


                      It includes a patch, but its not a merit badge.