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Greetings, fellow scouters!


I'm a new ASM with my son's troop in Illinois. He crossed over in February. When he earned his arrow of light, I wasn't sure he was going to go on in scouting, because the second year of Webelos was very boring for him, and he never wanted to wear his uniform.


But having joined the troop, he really looks up to the older scouts and wants to be just like them. His enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. As I got to know the uniformed leaders, I began to look for ways to volunteer, and then I took on duties as the troop's volunteer service coordinator. Before I knew it, the Scoutmaster was introducing me as the new ASM, and I had to go buy a uniform!


My duties also include photography (I'm a professional!), and signing off on troop menus (no more ramen and donuts). On the agenda for the next year are service at a food bank and adopting a local park.


I was an eager cub scout back in the late 1970s but my tenure in the upper ranks was very brief. When my family moved to the suburbs after my 12th birthday, I chose not to join a troop in my new town. Like violin lessons, it's something I wish I hadn't quit, but my parents gave me a certain amount of leeway in those matters. Maybe too much.


I've spent the last few months catching up on all the developments that have occurred in the last 35 years, reading everything the local library can offer. My experience so far has been somewhat like that of Peter Applebome, the author of "Scouts Honor," who started as a parent volunteer and later became an ASM.


Thanks for having me!



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I used to live in Illinois over 20 years ago.. Nice place, but needs some hills..


The photography will come in handy, if a scout was troop historian, he was suppose to do pictures, but would get too involved to remember. But, the pictures come in handy for a slide show, or web site, or poster setup.. If they have a scout doing historian, see if you can offer some of your pictures in aiding him in his job..


Have fun!

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