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  1. W W Horry

    Hello from Urbandale, IA!

    Hey, Welcome to the forums
  2. W W Horry

    Hello from Illinois!

    As one faily new forum member to another new member, Welcome
  3. W W Horry

    rejioning scouting

    Yeah I did the youth protection training on the national BSA site already along with other classes as well. I am actually trying to get a new troop going in our church. I have communicated with our DE and he is helping. Any advice would be most welcome though.
  4. W W Horry

    Former Life Scout

    Thanks for the welcomes, I'm excited to get back in the thick of things. Scouting was some of the best times of my life growing up and I know that I can bring that to the boys that are in our church.
  5. W W Horry

    rejioning scouting

    Does anyone out there know what I need to do to become current in scouting again as far as any member dues or anything?
  6. Are there any members of troop 241 Bluffton SC from the late 80's to early 90's on here?
  7. W W Horry

    Former Life Scout

    Been away from scouting for some time, thought it was time to get involved again and give back.