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Interesting Series of Letters

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My dad used to tell stories about some of the most fun he had as a kid, playing hide and seek in the cemetary, particularly near dusk and early evening. My dad lived in the city, and one of the only outdoor spaces available for play was the cemetary, so it makes good sense. Although the circumstance may not have been appropriate, or the occasion, so long as they were not being destructive I see no reason for anyone to be uptight about this kind of play.

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I hope my boys find the time to come to my gravesite and build a campfire and roast marshmallows and play games. I'm sure my neighbors won't mind either.


I hope that the person whose letter started this thread realizes that some of those boys will be the same ones that will someday don a non-BSA uniform and serve and protect our country so that future generations of young men will have an opportunity to run around and throw juniper berries in the cemetery, too.



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