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boys not getting along problems

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Of course you wouldnt TP, no parent would. The fact Slipknot has fans tells you that a lot of kids feel that Slipknot understands them in a way their parents don't. But, the issue isnt Slipknots lyrics, but a Scoutmaster with a son running wild. I apologize for the diversion.


BTW Crew53Eagel, have you talked to the kid and asked him why he likes SLipknot so much? I hope its for their musical style and melody arrangement, but if its the pain and suffering that attracts him, then he needs some one to talk to fast, someone trained...

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Do I have the wrong band?

I just did a GOOGLE found a band that was called Slipknot and is now called the Knot. I downloaded "They Love Each Other" and"Kid Charlemagne". I thought that they were good not outstanding but good.Looking at the set lists it seems that they play a lot of different music. I must have the wrong band?

OJ, asked me to turn the volume down on John Lennon - Cold Turkey, the other day.

Darn Kids. No appreciation for good music.

Could it be that the SM's son is a closet Step dancer?


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