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Hello, back into scouting after 28 years.

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Hello, all. I'm a return scout (seem to be a lot of "us" here) after a break of 28 years. My last post was as an ASM to my original Troop. My son is a new Tiger Cub (isn't that what brings most of us back?) and I'm a new Tiger Cub DL. My head is still kinda spinning - Cubs have changed a bit since 1970 (when I was a new Wolf). Family camping - good thing (I think). What is this Webelos/Arrow of Light 2 year program? We earned the AOL while we were Webelos (2 years of Cubs, one year Webelos, then into Boy Scouts, and camping at 11yo) or am I remembering it wrong?


I'm trying to get acclimated but as my username suggests, I'm feeling as though I've just awoke from a very long sleep - in a Voyager tent (sigh). Council has a new name (no biggie), my OA Lodge still exists (thanks to brothers who kept their Oath better than I did) and they are helping as OA Brothers do. So hopefully I can give something back to Scouting for the next generation (I just gotta get past the 10-15 year age difference between me and my cubs' parents ;-).


Looking forward to learning and exchanging ideas here - Thanks so much for the opportunity.

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Yes cubs has changed (although being female and growing up in an all female household, I wasn't involved 28 years ago). But my husband was. Boys still cross over to boy scouts around 11/12. The 2nd year of Webloes is up to around March and if done right, the Webelos Den Leader is suppose to be slowly getting the boys use to what boy scouts is all about, so there isn't a total shock when they flip out of one program into another totally different. Half the boys that cross over seem to drop out in the first year due shock over the changes, and not being ready for boy scouts.

The Tigers I believe was added to the front end, where before they did not start in first grade, but in second. Maybe by second boys are already involved in programs they started in first and they got a better joining rate if they got the boys involved in first (at least that is my guess). There are now so many programs out their competing for the attention of youth, boy scouts does need to change with the times to stay competitive.


There was a very recent change to cubs just this year, moving alot of the advancement out of the household and into the den, many dens were already doing it. Again just a sign of the times, and changing in order to retain the youth that join. Seems families were not working on advancement at home, and when their son fell behind due to the un-involved family the boy dropped out. So there are still other advancement an involved family can do, but the boys can make rank and advance even if in an un-involved family.


Of course this may backfire on them as many units (both Pack & Boy scout) suffer due to trying to maintain a good program with few parents being involved. Now at cub scout level we are encouraging their un-involvement, or at least finding ways to retain the boys of un-involved parent in the program. It could mean in years to come the program will suffer with a ratio of too many youth and not enough adult leadership to put on a good program.


Only time will tell the effects of the change.


But, here you are, and you are involved.. So congradulations, and a sincere Welcome because we need more parents like you.. I hope the forum will help as you get back in the saddle again.

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WElcome back!


Pretty much what Moose said:

Scouting is just like computers, tv'sand cars/trucks. Things have changed, advanced ( and hopefully for the most part) improved.


We are no longer your carbeurated , leaded gasoline , 3 speed on the column scouting.


We are now the electronic control, multiport fuel injected,computer controled 6 speed auto scouting.

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Thanks for the welcome.

I'm actually LOVING the Tiger Cub Program - especially the new "delivery" method. I vaguely remember a disconnect between outings and advancement requirements in Cubs. With outings as such an itegral part of the program, I'm thinking it will keep all my Scouts and parents engaged and enthused about continuing. We discussed this and we're going to try for one outing per month. Of course this means a little "homework" (i.e. all the "#F" requirements) but they seem to be keeping up so far (weekly "update" e-mails are helping).


As far as new school vs. old, I'm a believer in teaching both. Like knot tying; I think it's very important - but maybe that's because I've used it in hunting, camping and years of yacht racing (a foredecker has to tie bowlines constantly). I view the basics as life skills (like First Aid, Home Repair, etc.) not just Scouting skills.

Now if I can just find a "real" tent...I love the smell of canvas in the morning ;-). Alamance - maybe you can appreciate this; I took my old patch vest from Boy Scouts (my mother kept ALL of that stuff packed away) to a meeting to show the boys (get them interested, etc.). The moms used it to play a cute little game - they pointed to which one of my patches corresponded to the year they were born. My wife asked me later if I enjoyed my "Geritol moment" (yup, she's just hilarious :) ).

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LOL.. Not picking on you, just making an observation I thought was funny when I figured out the answer to your question, looking at his posts..


Since he has been out of scouting for 28 years, and theres a 10-15 year gap between him & the other parents, I'm guessing it's the mom's birth year.. If he has a bunch of 28 year old tigers (or older) the man has serious problems!

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Welcome back!


I posted a nearly identical story a couple of days ago, and I noticed a few before mine. Yes, a few things seem to have changed, but as far as I can tell, most of them are for the better. My memories are fuzzy, but I mostly remember trying to be square, while doing crafts under the supervision of a Den Mother.


Now, I'm the Tiger Den Mo... I mean Den Leader, and the kids actually get to do "dangerous" stuff like go camping.


I had one year to ease into it, since my son was a "Lion Cub" last year, which is a pilot program in our council for Kindergarteners. And yes, even the Lions got to do "dangerous" stuff like shoot a BB gun.


Did your uniform shrink, too? They apparently didn't make them very well back in 1977, since it shrunk just hanging in the closet.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go look for craft materials. :)

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Hey, I understand RipVanScouter ...


I came back to Scouting after taking a few years off, and my DE asked me to run the Cub Family Camp -- I looked at him and reminded him, he could have been one of my Cub Scouts! (Near the end of my three year tenure as CM.)


BTW - did most of my "scouting" in the old Detroit Area Council, Sunset District.

(This message has been edited by UCEagle72)

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