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  1. Clem- Thank you so much for your advice - that is an awesome idea. In fact, it's got me springboarding into looking at how the leadership handles a lot of the responsibility at the Pack level. They've basically made the CC job into "everything and anything that no one else wants to do - and then wonder why they have trouble filling the job. Hopefully I can change things a bit - before they become a victim of their own success (this structure/system is a carry-over from when the Pack was much smaller).
  2. First of all - Welcome to the Forum. Now - on to your question. I wouldn't do it. And here is why - once your "Doug and Wendy Whiner" parents (the old SNL "couple") get their way once - it will never end (I'm dealing with this with Tiger parents now). They need to understand that the program is supposed to help the boys develop character traits (honesty, perserverence, a work ethic, etc.). Just hanging meaningless badges on them because Mommy and Daddy say so runs counter to this purpose and the boy loses out in the long run. As an aside - parents like that are IMHO "posterchildren"
  3. I recently returned to scouting after a 28 year hiatus. I am currently a TDL in medium sized (70 boys) Pack that appears to fairly young (less than 10 years I would guess). While I have been enjoying the Tiger program, it has been a bit frustrating (parents who think I am a free babysitter, etc. and Pack leadership that could use some serious help with organizational skills). Now comes the tricky part - we have a CC who is moving on with his WII son after B&G. No one has stepped up to take over as CC - not the CM or any of the other folks who have been in the Pack for 2-4 yrs. The
  4. Just for fun, I'll take this on from another perspective... What has the Pack committee and/or the other den leaders done to offer him program helps and examples of things that have been used in his den's program in the past? I've been getting help/support/suggestions (for my TC program) from Scouters other than my Pack leadership - they're not very proactive when it comes to teaching/training TDLs. So my plan over the course of this year is to document all the games, puzzles and activities that I had to dig up/discover/beg/borrow/steal or outright invent and create a Tiger Cub Den Lead
  5. I would agreed with all of the information provided here, I would inform your District folks (DE & DRC) of exactly the position you are in and ask for help and specific names of resources. Get contact info for your local Boy Scout troops. They have a vested interest in helping you - you are training their future Boy Scouts. Ask for Den Chiefs - useful help for your DLs and may help to ease the chaos (just by setting a good example). For "other" help such as ceremonies as well as a pool of service oriented youth among the local Boy Scout troops - try to get in contact with your district
  6. First Aid - we practically made it a first merit badge requirement in my troop - because we took the local first-aid-o-ree VERY seriously (one of the few things where my small troop excelled). We had an EMT and a longtime Red Cross reg. "first-aider" as MBC's. Favorite - had to be lifesaving, and only one (I earned) that required real physical challenge (self-rescue in about 50 degree water - at least it felt that way). I can still remember it 34 years later.
  7. I feel your pain, Eagle92. I was starting to think I was a "wierd" case of a TCDL feeling like I was the only organized person in a sea of chaos. I'm the "rogue" because I'm the only one following the new TC den meeting plan. I agree with the other posters - take care of your den first (that's what I'm doing). Second help other DL's as you can (if they want your help - my case isn't always that way). Thirdly try to help the Pack leadership get it together. The boys always come first.
  8. Ken ... LOL! I will be 49, I'm definately going, and I'm absolutely certain that I'll have flashbacks...I might even start signing "MSU Shadows" (remember that?) so you've all been warned! The icing on the cake would be visiting my Fraternity house (afterwards, of course), gotta check up on my 'other' brothers.
  9. Thank you all so much for your replies, your advice and your reassurance that my experience is common (I suspected as much). Your advice has convinced me that I should sign up for the upcoming University of Scouting that I was considering (there's still more to learn - WAY COOL!). Just had our first Pack leadership meeting - about halfway through I was feeling like Clint Eastwood's character Gunnery Sgt. Tom Highway in "Heartbreak Ridge" - the old grisled veteran that was a bit "out of step" with things "today" and way too gung-ho. But since then I 'quietly' got e-mail from another den
  10. I have a great bunch of boys that are really getting into the Tiger Cub program and I am blessed with a few parents that are diving in and helping and selling popcorn like they were born to do it! Then I have the other end of the spectrum - the parents who are very low participation (as I'm sure everyone does). I'm talking don't think their child can learn the requirements for Bobcat, when I know the kids can do it (5 minutes twice a day is how I taught my son). As a veteran Scouter (and newbie CS DL), I may be a little too enthusiastic for them to handle. I am following the new 20
  11. Welcome! I'm a new Tiger Cub den leader as well. You'll find folks here that will lend a lot of helpful advice. My first would be to spend some (okay, a lot of) time on the Scouting.org website. After I completed all of my required training, I downloaded the Tiger Cub den meeting plans and a lot of useful info. I also spent some time "tweaking" the schedule and plans to suit my den's plans and I put together a schedule for the first 8-10 meetings. I handed it out to all the parents at our first den meeting. With families scheduling around Girl Scouts, dance classes, cheerleading c
  12. Thanks for the welcome. I'm actually LOVING the Tiger Cub Program - especially the new "delivery" method. I vaguely remember a disconnect between outings and advancement requirements in Cubs. With outings as such an itegral part of the program, I'm thinking it will keep all my Scouts and parents engaged and enthused about continuing. We discussed this and we're going to try for one outing per month. Of course this means a little "homework" (i.e. all the "#F" requirements) but they seem to be keeping up so far (weekly "update" e-mails are helping). As far as new school vs. old, I'm
  13. Hello, all. I'm a return scout (seem to be a lot of "us" here) after a break of 28 years. My last post was as an ASM to my original Troop. My son is a new Tiger Cub (isn't that what brings most of us back?) and I'm a new Tiger Cub DL. My head is still kinda spinning - Cubs have changed a bit since 1970 (when I was a new Wolf). Family camping - good thing (I think). What is this Webelos/Arrow of Light 2 year program? We earned the AOL while we were Webelos (2 years of Cubs, one year Webelos, then into Boy Scouts, and camping at 11yo) or am I remembering it wrong? I'm trying to
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