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City Scouts who like it that way

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Help/suggestions. At least 50% of my troop (the older half) thinks that campouts are for eating, staying up late and loud, playing football, and disrespecting everything the Scoutmaster or SPL says. Cleaning up, Scouting skills, campsite organization, etc. aren't part of their vocabulary. They're city kids/couch potatoes and proud of it. I do have some kids (younger half)that want to do it right. We don't have anyone in our church who wil take on a Venturing Crew, and I can't just kick the older kids out due to policy. Any suggestions?

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I've found that 10 miles underneath a Scout Backpack does three things. Clean up happens because they have to put their mess kit back in their pack, there wasn't a scrap of food left anyway. After a day of backpacking there is absolutely guaranteed no late or loud (just snoring) and lastly the group of friends becomes real good pals, the comeraderie of painful feet.


Now if we can change some of these unfunded mandates to read "No Backpacker Left Behind" and see that on every weekend all teenagers pound a 30 mile trail, heck I just solved the juvenile justice system in America, right here on scouter.com.


Think Kelty!!!

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Hi and welcome.

Scouting caters to youth from every sort of community. Just because the youth come from the city makes no never mind.

In fact I happen to think that running an inner city troop is at times easier.The Scouts don't need to have parents chauffeur them as much as Scouts in a rural setting do.

Campouts just like everything else that we do in Scouting require planning. If you arrive at a camp site with no clear idea of what you are going to do. The Scouts will find something that will pass the time. Of course it might not be time well spent.

Too work well the plan ought to be made at the PLC meeting. I have found that having some sort of a theme works well, normally making use of the skills that have been gone over at the weekly troop meeting. The plan needs to made well in advance of the campout so that the Patrol can meet and go over it with an eye to the duty roster and menu planning. It is very important that the plan is written down and shared with all the Scouts.

If there is a history in the troop of youth not following the laid out program, I would through the PLC, make it very clear that "This is what we are doing. - If you don't want to join us please stay home."

The plan would include times for lights out and quite. Still these things might take a little while.If they want to stay up till all hours I would remind them that they have a full day the next day, and then ensure that the next day was a very full day and keep them busy with no letting up for naps. Soon they will get the message.

When you send the permission slip home with each Scout I would remind the parents that this is a Scout event and if their son doesn't want to go as a Scout he ought not attend, also if he doesn't follow the program that you will be in contact for them to come and take him home. After which the Troop Committee will decide what is to be done.

Your profile says that you are the Scoutmaster. You along with the PLC plan and carry out these events as Scouting activities. Anyone who isn't happy doing a Scouting activity is in the wrong place. You do have the responsibility to ensure that the event is well planned. You do this best by training and working with your SPL and the Patrol Leaders. You might want to think about canceling the next camp out and taking the PLC away for a day of training.


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