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You have put me between a rock and a hard place!

I'm not sure where the SM got this? Or where it came from?

He is the SM and I hate to go against him.


I was SM for the Jamboree in 01 and 05.

As part of the fee paid by everyone in the Troop they received two Jambo t-shirts.

The Troop came up with a t-shirt that the Troop members designed and they could buy as many or as few as they wanted. Most of them bought at least two.

At the Jamboree we went with the same dress code as we have at summer camp.

For dinner and "Formal" occasions everyone wore full uniform. Outside of the Troop camp site they wore Scout socks, shorts, belt and a Scouting type t-shirt. Many wore the camp Conestoga t-shirts or the Wagion Lodge t-shirts.

We never had a dress code for what they could wear once back at our Troop Camp site. It was never a problem, a good many of the Scouts went shirtless both on site and while going and returning from the showers.

My "Biggie" in 05 was ensuring that each and every Scout, when they left for the day had n ample supply of water. We as part of their fee provided a belt which had two water bottles, some scouts had camel packs and that was fine.

I dislike hats but I wore one and strongly recommended that everyone else wore one.

Again everyone did and it wasn't a problem.


I kinda think if you can find the right time and place you might want to ask the SM where he got this? And maybe ask why?

Be nice and don't challenge him.

Who knows it might be something that the PLC came up with?


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When I went in 1989, our activity uniform shirt options were either the red official Jamboree t-shirt or a blue council jamboree t-shirt. I don't recall being given an option to wear other scout-related shirts.


There are troops out there that choose to only permit the troop t-shirt as an activity uniform at their troop functions. I don't really see how this is any different.

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I'd wear the troop/pack t shirt. It might be cooler than the official uniform. FWIW, son's jambo troop policy is they should wear BSA t shirts when not in class A, but no requirement that they all have the same t shirts.



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Sounds like a SELL SEEL SELL promotion from the local scout shop or additional funding for the contingent if ..."they can only wear Jamboree T-shirts."

Most contingent units I know allow any scout related class B shirt (summer camp, OA, council sctivity etc.)

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From the Troop Leader Guide, pg. 23:


Activities Uniform

The activities uniform for youth and leaders will be a jamboree T-shirt, Scout shorts or pants, Scout socks, and Scout visored cap or jamboree cap. Open-toed shoes are discouraged.

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