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Getting ready for Jambo...Christmas presents?

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Well, my son will be going to Jambo this summer, and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on anything

I can get him for Christmas, that he can use there. First off, I know he will be getting specific troop gear, and there is always uniforming requirements, but I was thinking of other stuff. I know he will need good hiking shoes, but I can't exactly get those now! I got him a cool 28oz metal water bottle with a carabiner clip on it, but any other ideas?



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There are many great camping items that he may want or need. A cheap pocket fan or spray bottle misting fan. Although they are 2-3 bucks in the local convenience store, they are worth a million in the hot Virginia Ft A.P. Hill in August.


It should be opening soon, but Scoutstuff should soon have a NSJ page, accessible only to NSJ participants. There will be many NSJ souvenirs sold on that page, but specifically, I would look for a NSJ straw or sun shade hat.


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