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Well we're still in the early stages of things here in my council, but it sounds as if my son's application to attend jambo has been accepted. (In fact I was told, unofficially, that everybody who turned in the app and the $100 is in. No official notification at this point though.)


Unofficially, the cost is pegged at about $1900 to include transportation and attendance. What I'd like to know is, what additional costs are typically incurred? The other night I got told that "we'll make sure people are informed of costs before the next payment is due." That's about the best I seem to be able to worm out of folks! I'm trying to budget this and the lack of info is making that really hard.


So, can anyone help me with this: Setting aside the potential for council contingent-organized day trips in the Wash DC area, what other additional costs are reasonable to expect, beyond the base cost of attendance/transportation?


I imagine a scout would need two full uniforms (does it need to be the newest centennial uni? Will that be changing again in the next 18 months?). I imagine they'd want some spending money, though I don't know what's reasonable (what is there to buy? Is it stuff that can mostly be purchased anywhere, or is it unique to jambo? Do any activities at jambo cost extra?). What else should I add in to our tentative budget?


Thanks for your input!



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Of course each Council and each Troop is different.

"I imagine a scout would need two full uniforms"

All the time the Scouts are at the Jamboree they will be in uniform.

While 2 Scout Shirts does the trick, they do need extra Scout Shorts and socks.

They can of course find ways of either washing these or as we did have a visiting parent wash them at the hotel.

We used the tents that we use for our Summer camp, Wall Tents. Scouts had to provide their own ground sheets and I recommended that each Scout buy a cot. (When it did rain it really rained and keeping all he gear off the ground was a big help (We stored the sleeping bags in big garbage bags when we were not in camp, airing them out when we were.)

Our Council included the cost of one shake-down weekend in the fee. I added one more weekend. It was very cheap! Only the cost of food.

We had Troop t-shirts made and a couple of Patrols had Patrol t-shirts made.

The other Troop from our Council had jackets made. They cost about $45.00

The "Currency" of the jamboree is patches.

Your son will want to have a good supply of Council patches and if he is in the OA? OA Flaps (This can end up costing you a small fortune!!)

Other than that most Scouts have just about everything they need.

A good pair of comfortable shoes is a must!! Scouts do a heck of a lot of walking!! Just like hiking boots buy them and wear them before the event.

Good quality rain gear is also a good idea. I got soaked back in 2001 while attending Mass. My rain gear wasn't the best. For 2005 I went wild and bought the very best. It wasn't cheap, but it worked!!

Some little extras you might want to add are Gold Bond Foot Powder!! If you son isn't used to wearing BSA Shorts a lot? A good quality talc helps with any chafing.

Some Scouts while happy to wash out socks and shorts seem not to like washing their underwear??

A good flashlight is a good idea, bring the extra batteries with you. National Supply has been known to charge lots more than what you would pay in your local store.

A camera of course! (I tried using a solar recharger for my batteries. - It wasn't an overwhelming success!)

Backpacks are not the best idea. I use a strong duffel bag. (Most of our guys had foot-lockers)

Be sure to find a way of marking everything with his name and Jamboree Troop number. I do mean everything!! Uniforms are uniform and hard to know who belongs to which.

We had two Lads who I think wore each other's underwear for most of the jamboree, it wasn't till we had the after Jamboree meeting that their parents got it all sorted out. The little labels like my mother had made and sewn into my clothes when I went to school, work great. So does a good Sharpie. I still have clothes with my name marked clearly.

(The labels are good for socks)


I don't know what is going to happen about old and new uniforms? I kinda think everyone will by then be wearing the new uniform. But that's just a very uneducated guess!


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What Eamon said, and one more word...




Jambo stuff will be offered before the event and during and after. Everthing from Jambo Tshirts and socks to Footlockers and toothbrushes and stationary sets. Virtually anything a civilized human may need will be immortalized with a Jambo insignia and offered for sale for double it's normal price.


Even the meal tickets are considered collectable. I leave it to you to figure out how to surrender your meal ticket to eat and also keep it.


"Choose wisely"

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In dealing with extra costs, its important to know what IS included in the contingent fees.


* Uniforms. 2 complete uniforms at a minimum will be needed. Having extra items of some things is also good. Be sure your son knows how to wash his clothes without the use of a washing machine.


* camping gear. There is a list of recommended items for camping. If he needs something, nows the time to know.


* trading items/insignia. Your son will be expected to put a Jamboree patch, a Jamboree Shoulder Patch (JSP) and Jamboree troop numbers on each uniform he takes. He will be provided with 2 Jambo patches and a jamboree neckerchief. JSP and Jambo troop numbers, along with jambo patrol emblems may or may not be included with his contingent fees. ALSO, JSPs are BIG trading items. How many will he be provided? Will there be different versions he can get? How many does he want to trade?


* souvenirs. You will be provided with a Jamboree catalog early next year, full of jamboree-branded items. What of these will your son want? Does he want extras of items, like Jamboree patches (to put on future extra uniforms, etc). Also, be aware that some items may only be offered at the jamboree (advise you get as much stuff that you do want in advance and keep it at home). Also, would he want to purchase any souvenirs during side trips?


* dufflebag/knapsack. Will he be provided with these? Will he be required to get the Jamboree dufflebag and knapsack to use? As noted by Eammon, your son will want to use a large duffle bag or foot locker. Your contingent may want to dictate what is acceptable.


* t-shirts. Will there be a contingent t-shirt? Will a certain number be provided, or will he be required to get them? Can he get extras if he wants?


* contingent trips. These are usually included as part of the contingent fees, but good to know. Think about souvenirs and and snacks (meals during the trip are usually included in the contingent fees).


Hope this helps.

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"I'm curious - why a duffle/foot locker as opposed to a pack? He has lived out of his pack before at summer camp so I must be missing something here."


A backpack is fine if you are backpacking to camp sites.


At summer camp AND at jamboree, you are not going to be backpacking, plus you will usually have a LOT more stuff, as you are spending about 2 weeks away. A dufflebag is a much better idea (don't have to deal with a bulky frame), as it will go on a plane or bus. Foot locker is also a good idea (maybe even better) as it may protect your stuff better (won't get crushed) and if water proof, will protect as well.


I would never use a backpack for going to the Jamboree. A duffle bag is what I used as a youth (and what was recommended), as well as for World Jamboree. I've used footlockers for jamboree on staff.

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I serve on our Council's Jambo committee. As for costs, I can tell you that the bulk of the additional cost is transportation and touring.


It's been tradition for my Council that the Jamboree troops replenish summer camp canvas for the Council. I raised hell about it as a 17yo in 1981 when I went to Jambo and I'm making suggestions that we evaluate alternatives to make Jamboree affordable.


I've also seen where the Council contigents have t-shirts, Jamboree Council strips, and dufflebags, etc. These are additional costs. Sometimes the urge to be "uniform" and create schwag adds to the costs and can price things out of the range of some families. In a weak economy, hopefully people are aware that the "goodies" may cost a kid a chance to experience Jamboree.


I doubt that your Council fee will include the uniforms and patches (other than the Jamboree patch) needed to bring them up to standard. In 1981, the had just introduce the Oscar de la Renta uniform and required participants to wear it.(This message has been edited by Tokala)

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A waterproof footlocker, or a sterilite tub with a lid would be highly reccomended by me. When it rains out there, it really rains, and being able to keep all your clothes dry is wonderful. I had to hang up all my clothes and dry them after the monsoon at the 2001 Jambo.

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Lisabob and Fellow Scouters,



As others stated, Certainly concur with the cost of souvenirs, not only at Jamboree, but during their historic tours before arriving at Jamboree. (Some councils schedule a two-three week itinerary, with an East Coast patriotic sites tours)


Last jamboree, they offered scoutstuff Jamboree cards. So that you can place money onto the card (used only at Jamboree) rather than giving large amounts of cash to your Scout. There are pros and cons of course. So watch scoutstuff and your Jamboree login in the next few months and make up your mind, if you want to invest in a card.


Sometimes a council contingent cost includes matching luggage (footlockers and backpacks). So check with the newsletters your council is distributing.


Each council should have most things planned in their cost. (They usually estimate very well) So you should not be too surprised by extra costs.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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We used TuffTotes (footlockers) for the '05 Jambo for ease in packing the trailer (same size, etc) AND because they could be locked when not in camp. They are waterproof, can be left on the ground, allow the Scout to see more of his stuff without throwing the contents on the ground, and can be used as seats. Duffles lack these additional advantages.

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While I do agree that the tuff totes are great,when we went in 05 we flew so they were out. we got large duffles from wally world. everybody also had a clean 5 gal pail with lid. we used that for storing the bedding and as a seat. also was useful for washing out things like socks. everything else went into large zip locks bags. everyone also gor to 55gal garbage bags to wrap the whole thing in if it rained.


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I'd wait until you hear from the troop. They'll have a recommendation factoring-in stuff like the size of the tents and transportation.


In '05 OneCubSon had a standard sized foot locker which locker fit under his cot. At World in 07, the cots were 6" tall and the boys were issued two duffle bags -- no totes or lockers allowed. But the tents had large equipment vestibules so it worked.


Logistics with a contingent is different from doing things with your own troop. Wait and see what they tell you.

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Last night at our district roundtable, our DE went over the basics for our contingent (he's the staff adviser for the contingent). My son is signed up, so I already knew what was up.


Our total cost is $1500pp. The DE told us it is "all inclusive" except for "walking around money and uniforms". But I also know they reserve the right to change the fee up until the last moment.


Our transportation costs are fairly low -- we only live about 10 hours north of D.C.



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