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still waiting to hear anything

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My Council still has not selected the Jamboree Committee chair. I just got a confirmation from my Council Executive. No prices have been set, and no leaders have been selected.


In the interim, I've made deposits at the Council for my son and me, and I registered on the national site. I will send copies of our registrations to the Council, as instructed.

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I applied thru the national site for staff a while ago, and am still waiting to hear if I have been selected or not.


Our council has 2 troops and applications are starting to come in. They are looking at an estimated cost at around $1500 - $1800.



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"I applied thru the national site for staff a while ago, and am still waiting to hear if I have been selected or not."




Some people have already been told they have a position.


Most councils should have approved staff apps about a month ago (mine did). I get the impress a lot of councils weren't doing anything, and National apparently had to put the word out to councils to approve (or not).


I think most regions shortly there after approved them and they've moved on to National.


Some people may already have a job lined up, due to being involved with different groups. Hence why some people have already been approved. Same may be so with people with certain skills. I am supposed to already have a position, but just got an email from National that they have no idea if I do or not, and asked what my org is and who our chair is (which, AFAIK, they should have known for several months).


If you don't get picked for your first job, they move down the line for your other choices. So if you don't get one of your first choices, there is always a chance of getting another position. But you might not hear until six months out or so. Happened with me at the 97 Jamboree. Was finally dumped into the Trading Post staff and offered a position, but then my jerk of a boss wouldn't give me the time off.


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Lisa, I think the only thing Councils that start late have to worry about is

1. not filling thier contingents prior to the deadline, thus having to give up troops to other councils with more successful recruiting.

2. not booking a tour company far enough in advance to do your contingents any good.


I don't think honestly that availability of qualified adults would be an issue for this one.


I do hope they get off the dime soon and at least let you folks know where you stand, it's really a drag being in limbo like that.



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"Just an update - my council sent out an email with some info this week. Estimated cost will be about $2000 and they're interviewing adults at the end of this month."


Sad. They are months behind most everyone else.


The 2 councils I work with are rapidly filling up their slots. I frankly wouldn't be surprised if they are full by the end of the year, with waiting lists.


The Jamboree website now has a 'bulletins' area, with one so far. It states that 12,000 have registered on-line (including youth, staff, leaders), over 6,000 being youth. There appeares to be 8,100 staff positions.



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I guess we should be thankful that we are ahead of the "curve" as we have both of our Troop's Leaders selected, the two Troops are full (all online registrations done and approved, deposits paid, etc..) and we have about 6 alternates already.


We have already had our orientation meeting a couple of weeks ago with the Scouts & parents for those selected and have them started on a payment plan to make the cost easier to handle.


Trust me this is a major feat for the council as in 2005 we where picking up scouts from other states at the last minute to fill slots. I think our new council leadership has really done a great job in getting this going.



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Holy Cow, $3800...I thought our costs were high at $2800. Sure want to see your tour itinerary.


Our council just filled our 4th troop, which makes me happy. We'll start regular monthly meetings starting in August with a couple from now till then. very exciting.



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I received a letter yesterday from the local Council. The jamboree committee has been meeting, and has selected the leaders for the two Troops. I've been selected to be one of the assistant scoutmasters.


I'll have another set of meetings to attend, but I am excited to be a part of this historic event.



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Cool, congrats to you.


From what I hear, our council has filled 2 of the 4 troops we were allotted, and the other 2 are both about half full. The expectation seems to be that we'll get enough additional interest to fill the remaining 2. The troop my son is in has not yet met or talked about fund raising at all and I wish they would, because the next installment is due in June and then again in December. My son is paying for this himself (mostly) so he needs to get moving - $2000 is a lot of money for a kid to raise. Meantime, we're just encouraging him to work really hard on his troop's fund raising efforts.





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Our main fundraiser for our Jambo Bound boys is our annual Popcorn sale. The boys can make up to 40% or so on commish which goes toward their payments. One of my boys from my troop earned 1/3 of his Jamboree fees this year already. The council loves this idea as well because they also make a percentage.


My Jambo troop is looking at selling first aid kits / earthquake preparedness kits (California, go figure), and recycling electronics as cash generators as well.


When my son attended in 05, his troop sold Christmas trees, pumpkins, patches, did car washes, just to make it easier. some kids participated some didn't. One boy participated in most fund raisers and paid for his Jamboree experience 100% and had $800 in spending money on top. He spent about $150 at the Jambo and kept the rest.


Your son's going to have an incredible time.

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