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Scout leaves note on mountain, found 40 years later

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I came across this and thought it was kind of cool. It was also nice to see an article that mentions Scouting but contains no controversy -- unless you count the fact that if this happened today, the Scout might be reprimanded for not "leaving no trace". :)




(No way was that link going to work on here.)


Here is the first part of the article, there is more at the link (including photos of the note itself and of the Scout in younger days and today):


Forty years after he left a note on a mountain top deep in the Sierra Nevada backcountry, asking its finder to write him, Tim Taylor has gotten his wish.


Taylor, who was raised in La Caada Flintridge, was hiking solo in Sequoia National Park in August 1972 his Boy Scout troop bivouacked a short distance away when he put a pencil to a lined sheet of paper: Tim Taylor climbed to this peak, Thursday, August 17, 1972. Age 13 yrs. Anyone finding this note please write.


Taylor placed the note in a metal film canister and left it on the 12,000-foot peak before rejoining his troop for trout fishing in a nearby lake.


Last month, another intrepid hiker, Larry Wright, 69, of Oakland, found the metal canister with the note inside. He sought out Taylor, and on Monday, Wright and now-San Diego County Superior Court Judge Timothy Taylor spoke about their visits separated by 40 years to the rugged region known as the Great Western Divide.


Taylor said Monday that he vividly remembers leaving the note during a rare rest day on Boy Scout Troop 502s 50-mile backpacking trip through the Sierra.


We had nowhere to go that day, so I woke up and I looked up and said, I think Ill climb that mountain, he said.


Taylor said he wanted to climb the peak precisely because it wasnt named on his Boy Scouts-provided topographic map a chance to make his mark.


I could see it was unnamed, and that was part of the attraction, he said. There was no evidence that anybody had ever been there.



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