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Stock Up Now! World Bacon Shortage Looms!

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Around these parts it's not only bacon but also all the bar-b-que places that are concerned. But really, it's just a matter of price and what we're willing to pay. If we like pork that much, whoever has a good farm with a lot of pigs is going to make a nice profit. Good for them! The alternative is to eat like you're Kosher or Muslim...or else cultivate a craving for, say, potatoes and cabbage. Yum!

Me, I'm headed for a diet with lots of fish. Catch most of them myself for free. As far as I'm concerned (and this comes from someone who really loves bacon and bar-b-que) really good fried fish is just as delectable any day. I'll do just fine.

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I read an article that while prices will go up because of corn mostly it was a well done PR release by a Brit Trade Group. And "Bacon" in the UK is what we call "Canadian Bacon". Our "Bacon" is their "Streaky Bacon". So I think there will be bacon but all Pig will cost more.

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