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Useful Troop Progress Metric

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Remember we are in transition. We shoved a lot onto the boys at first and had a good number walk--they were not ready. So it is a mix.


In our Troop (and I know this is not perfect--I am ready for comments)We typically have about 40 boys on a campout.


(1) The PLC decides on the trip (cycling, kayaking, whatever)

(2) The Adults look for park availability

(3) The PLC decide the location

(4) Adults make reservation, tour permit.

(5) The PLC plans the packing list, budget, and some activities for trip.

(6) Adults email the permission slip and estimate cost

(7) Adults collect money and permission slips. Money goes right to treasurer, roster gets modified.

(8) Patrols determine menu, pick grubmaster, Patrol QM with Troop QM prepare all Patrol gear. If PL is not going the acting PL for the trip is announced.

(9) About 4 days out adults "lock down" trip roster, have conference call on drivers, seats, trips, any special equipment rentals. Double check on training, forms, etc.

(10)Adults may plan extra activities either "in pocket" or for New Scout Patrol.

(11)Roster totals for each Patrol goes to SPL>Patrol Leaders (Or acting PL for trip)

(12)PL contacts Grubmaster with final number who shops usually night before the meeting.

(13)On some trips QM corp may pre-load trailers with Troop Gear or prep Canoe or whatever tie-downs. This is a day or two out.

(14)On trip day boys show up 45 minutes early. Loading is boy led chaos. Patrols load Patrol boxes, cooler, etc. QM's oversee this. SPL is responsible for Troop gear only. Adults responsible for adult Patrol boxes.

(15)Boys with Adult supervision move trailers, do hitches, etc.

(16)SPL does roll call with Roster. Adults take last minute payments, slips, and medical forms. SM travels with all required paperwork (In the campout "football), notebook with everyone's medical forms, and a large first aid kit.

(17)Adults get boys to destination.

(18) At campsite boys unload trailers. Patrols pick areas. Adults set up their own site.

(19) In our Troop it is custom for the adults to host the Cracker Barrel. Boys may help in the preparation.


We have had a few boys who chronically showed up last minute and were hard to squeeze in--especially when we were out of seat belts. I wanted to impose some new cut off procedure BUT at the suggestion of this forum we dealt with them individually. That seemed to work well (aside from one boy missing a couple campouts til his parents got the message)



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The SPL makes that call and reviews the menu's. We have cooking competitions now and that has seemed to increase the quality of the effort. The older boys counsel alot about empty calories, etc. There is no issue about the occasionally junk food as long as their is protein, etc. Or pop-tarts


The boys suggested the current arrangement. Individuals got tired of being stiffed. Most parents submit a check anyway. The Grubmaster has a rough budget per boy and buys the food. Submits the receipt for reimbursement. This is reviewed at the PLC and comments are made if a Patrol consistently goes over or under budget. The treasurer them issues the reimbursement--sometimes directly into the scout account. A lot of this is done online.

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