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Your right Scouter Terry may be happy as is.. Wish lists are always fun anyway..


OGE.. Didn't see that at all!!! Nice to know.. I was always looking down for the options, and only saw the "Preview the message", "Wish to be notified via email", "Submit your message" and "Clear fields".. Never noticed a link to the left side under the title "Your Message" that said "Format this Post".. Super cool.. Ohh new toy..


ScoutNut - on coming back to the forum, I am always remembered and permenantly logged in.. But when I post a new message (or edit a message).. I always am prompted to re-enter my Username & Password.. (although I am logged in.)..


We asked about this some time ago.. Had to do with security, but sorry, this isn't the NASA think tank or anything..


Maybe my son might sneak onto my laptop and post under my username to avoid using his own ridiculously way to long own user name... But oh well.. I will live..

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I'd LOVE a 'go to first unread post' function.


I've tried many times to format my posts, it doesn't work for me. I've assumed was a browser issue, and since I've read about virus attacks from this site but not had any I'm not interested in switching browsers.

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Yeah I had a gray box with an "x" when I first went in. Noticed the yellow bar at top telling me I had to accept some application.. It was a MS application, and the virus come from the advertiser sidebars, not from Scouter Terry. So I accepted.


Also I have been so spoiled by the other site that takes me to the first unread post on the other forum.. Here I know to click the last page #.. but then I kind of sit at the top post in wait about 10-15 seconds waiting for it to automatically drop me to the last unread post, until I wake up.. Spoiled that is what I became..


I know, I know this is Scouting no fluff and pampering here.. Shoulder to the Grindstone and do it manually... Yeah.. Yeah..

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I think part of the "problem" is the software is proprietary to this forum and Terry is part of the development team, if not the owner. If this is true then there is also likely some amount of ego involved; just speculating...... Different browsers act different ways. With Firefox I do not have to log in each time I post because the browser is set to auto fill that for this site. With IE I do but only at this forum. None of the other forums do I have to do that for. Images would be splendid. The formatting box should be built-in. On the other hand it looks like I shoould also be able to just code it as I go if only I could remember my HTML........

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"A private message has told me that this has already irritated at least one other member, so if a moderator wants to lock or completely delete this thread, that is fine with me."

Unsure why anyone might be upset?

Keeping in mind that I still think that Windows 98 was the best OPS ever!

I'm very comfortable and kinda like things just the way they are!

Never had much time for avatars!

Have no idea what "tapatalk support" Is. So I'm thinking I can live without it.

Moderator functions? As of right now all my parts seems to be functioning very well.

Terry has been kind enough to put up with me for some little time now.

I like the way he manages this forum and thank him for his kindness.

He is of course free to make whatever improvements he sees fit or he can just leave it as is.


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Yeah. posting pictures would be great! Maybe videos, or audio so that you could hear my favorite song whenn you read one of my posts.


Or ......wait, I used to be on a site that had that...what was it called?


Oh yeah, Myspace.


I like this site way better. no pictures that would have some members arguing about how innapropriate they are> Nobody busting on somebody else for wearinga knot too high/low/too many.


No " why is that scout doing that in the background" comments>



It's bad enough when a site gets hung up ocvcasionally due to a error involving text, worse when videos and pictures are involved.


Maybe the reason tis site is so awesome is because it's more old school than any other site and doesn't have all the bling and glitter that other sites shove in your face.


Maybe I'm just getting old? :)




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  • Administrators

Hi folks... thanks for all the suggestions! Here's the scoop...


This site was first put on the Internet during the dark ages... way back in November 1995... hard to believe it's older than most of the Scouts in your troop!


I agree that the code for the Forums (and many other parts of the site, which includes about 200,000 pages of non-Forum content) is dated.


A few weeks ago, I took some rare downtime, and started a project to deploy a completely updated version of SCOUTER.com... replacement code for the Forums and the entire site. Fifteen years ago, working on the code for this site was how I spent ALL of my downtime, so it was fun taking a little time to do that again this past month.


There is a "dev area" already setup, but it's raw and there are many kinks still remaining. Part of the site will use VBulletin code, but we've had to modify it and develop some plugins to accommodate features needed for the full site.


I'm not able to spend much time project managing the effort (there are developers usually waiting on my feedback and guidance), so I'm happy to accept help from those of you that might be interested. Maybe together we'll complete and launch a new version of the site in the coming weeks/months, and everyone can enjoy.



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