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Parents speaking foreign languages at den meetings

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A bit one sided in your interpretation I think. Prejudice usually starts out with poking fun at a particular group or person then it escalates into outright name calling or in this case about people of polish descent and then, as we have seen throughout history, actual physical violence against those groups for no reason. Look at WWII, Japanese, Italian,and German Americans who had lived here for generations were rounded off and put in prison camps. This topic about parents speaking other languages at a pack meeting is a justification for those who felt uncomfortable with it to make demands on these people to conform as to what THEY think is proper behavior and this is indeed a form of prejudice and intolerance anyway you look at it.


Clemlaw, think of how many more people would contribute but are afraid to be ostracized by you and others who think the way you do. Time to take off your rose colored glasses and really look at the reality seen in the nature of some of these responses.

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Why yes, "redneck" HAS been used for a hundred years or more as a term to foment race and class hatred. Quite similar to the N word.



Except, of course, that hate and contempt of lower class whites tends to be fashionable among the better educated and more prestigious parts of society.





(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)

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Execpt, of course, that hate and contempt of lower class whites tends to be fashionable among the people who use or excuse the use of this hate language.

It sounds like you may be one of those people.

Seattle Pioneer seems quite willing to toss about libelous accusations toward other posters. I call on him to identify a single post of mine which espouses "hatred and contempt of lower class whites."  Simply differentiating the impact of one derogatory term from another certainly does not rise to that level. 

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Hey now! I'm danged proud to be a Redneck!

Don't y'all go defending my heritage. We poor white farmers are proud to be alive!

Just don't go mis-categorizing white trash with long greasy hair as respectable Rednecks. The sun hasn't seen the backs of those necks fer a while. So call them Pasty-Necks.

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WOW, I need an eating popcorn smiley, lol.


I don't mind if the way this turns out as me needing a "nudging" (I still would submit that those who were contrarian to my views have never been excluded from a discussion by the use of a foreign language from what are supposed to be compatriots while sharing a common space), but I would hope that we ALL learn some modicum of tolerance from it.


I'm good with that.


Wher'dya ya go Scoutfish and Lisabob?




C'mon Clemlaw, you can admit there's a greater wisdom here.


(This message has been edited by buckytom)

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I wanted to add that I just watched a good program on PBS which documented the work of Marie Curie's daughter, Irene Joliot-Curie. It's called "Out from the Shadows: the story of Irene Joliot-Curie".


She and her hubby were the creators of nuclear science, that of which we use today. Interestingly enough, some of her parent's work was in Polonium, of course named after her mom's homeland.


It made me think that I'd wondered if her mom chose to use Polish to segregate her from other French people?


Just a thought. Not a condemnation.(This message has been edited by buckytom)(This message has been edited by buckytom)(This message has been edited by buckytom)

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Yeah I'm still here, no worries; just didn't see much point in responding.


(Just FYI, I've lived in countries where I didn't speak the language well, or where language was a dividing point between groups. I know what it is like not to know what others are saying.)



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No point in responding?


What, the crowd put down their pitchforks and torches so you went home? lol.


You might want to re-read your comments about how I had ignored all good advice and have done nothing but try to crush two poor moms.


But yes, no worries.(This message has been edited by buckytom)

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Aww Blanc, I love Czernina.


My Grandmother lived in a two flat in Chicago, Meade and Irving or so. When as went to vist Grandma we always went around back, and came up to the back porch except between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seems Grandma always got a Duck on the Friday after Thanksgiving and kept it on the porch til Christmas where it would become Christmas Dinner.


One Christmas Eve in the hub bub of getting all the presents in Grandma's house, my mother left her purse in the car and I was sent to get it. I ran down, got the purse and by force of habit ran around back and ran up the stairs. There on the back porch was the decapitated duck, hung upside down with a bowl underneath to catch the drainig blood which would be the stock for the Czernina. My mother quickly came out to get me and wanted to know what I saw, I told her and asked why the blood was being collected, SHe said it was for the soup, I have loved it ever since.

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Any possibility of getting a recipe for Czerninia?


I could always google a recipe, but sharing goes a long way.



I have to say upon reflection of this thread that those who barked the loudest review fheir words.

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