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Parents speaking foreign languages at den meetings

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Aw buc,


At least whatever these posters are saying is there for everyone else to judge. (Note that some have gotten flamed with more vitriol than you could stir up on your own.)


The sad part about troop and crew life is this stuff goes on behind the leader's back. It's in plain English, it's more divisive than you could ever imagine, and it shuts the kids down because they're old enough to know what's being said, but not old enough to assert themselves and put us all in line. Some the scuttlebutt takes years to resolve.


So if we're treating your "Chatty Kataryzna's" like a molehill when you think it's a mountain, it's because some of us think we'd be better off trading a problem like yours for one of ours. Fact is, you are well within your rights to pick and choose which advice (even down to the "PC or not" arguments) applies to you.



1. remember the cubs are listening, and

2. let us know how it plays out for you in the long run.


Never know when our "mountain" might look an awful lot like your "molehill"!

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