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How much does it cost to be active in your Troop?

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When my son's den crossed over and we found out that summer camp would cost $220, I arranged for the den to participate in the Spring popcorn sale. When he got his order form and I told him about the cost of camp he resettled his hat on his head, grabbed his form and said "Let me know when I've sold enough to pay for camp for both of us, Dad."



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We also shoot for about $2-2.50 per head per meal. When my son found out that when the CC takes Scouts shopping he routinely goes over budget by about 100% (goes to boutique grocery, doesn't use coupons or sales flyer for meal planning), he said we shouldn't allow the CC to supervise any more shopping.

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Speaking of costs, i just had a funny one come up today.


Our district is having a skiing event and the cost is $60 per boy which covers the ski rental, lift tickets, lessons, everything. A great deal. But the funny thing was all leaders are charged $5 if they are not skiing. I thought that was so funny. I get to provide transportation, supervision and for my troubles, pay $5. But it isn't all bad, I am told I get a snack and a patch.


Not complaining but just a funny conversation with our outdoor chairman.

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