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Scout order of the Druids

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Thanks,I found that.

I've been told that it originated with Baden Powell.Their stated goals are admirable but I'm concerned about their structure.From what I've gotten from the ones representing themselves as members of this group it has nothing to do with Druidism.

They've stated that they are not a secret society but membership is invitation from members.These people are self described elite.

I've seen nothing but good from the individuals I've encountered but

I'm concerned about the closed nature of organization functioning within Scouts.


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Under that criteria, the Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow could be considered a "closed nature" organization, as recipients are selected by current holders of the honor.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that members of Masonic lodges vote on a new member's application - it's not just a public organization that anyone can join - and there are plenty of lodges that charter Scouting units. Same difference.

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Another difference is that OA and all its levels are an official part of Boy Scout program. They are open about their existence, purpose, and methods. If there is "no connection" to druidism, why the name? Sounds pretty fishy to me.

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The following is description I received from member.

"If you have a copy of "Baden-Powell" the Two Lives of Hero

by William Hillcourt (80th Birthday Edition)

On page 28, there is a brief mention of the founding of the Order of Druids.

Which was founded, in part by Baden-Powell, in 1873 while attending the private Charterhouse School outside London.

Its from the Charterhouse Coat of Arms that the Order of Druids got its own... turning a bend sinister, the red semaphore with celtic fleur de lis over the Charterhouse Arms...


Contrary to the name the Order has no affiliations with early pagans or any religious element.

In fact, following the dictates of the founder, we have no bias against: age, creed, race, color, gender etc...

Like the Knights of Dunamis, the Order has ranks of Knighthood, proceeding Page, Squire (aka Knight Companion), Knight and Knight Commander, with a Knight Captain running the local chapter. Anyone can be invited to join, but usually the individual must be nominated by a current member.


The original charter statement, when the Order of Druids finally came to the United States reads like this...


Charter Statement



In so much as the Organization of Scouting, has been a shining example of all that is good and honorable with the youth of many nations, in giving selflessly of their bodies and minds for the betterment of others, and as a continuation of the Society founded in 1873 by Robert Stephenson Smyth Powell (Lord Baden-Powell, Baron of Gilwell) we herebye reinitiate the: Scouting Order of Druids


The purpose of said Order, to Honor those individuals who through deeds, actions and outstanding leadership have set an example for their fellows in Scouting. Who by there very conduct and character have shown themselves to be exemplar of the Scouting Pledges: the Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan and Creed.


That the members of said Order be aware of their Duty and Honor at all times, in Uniform and


out, of being the best of what Scouting is and can be, stepping beyond all bias of: race, color, creed, religion, sex, age or the dictates of others. That we as a Knightly Order, do hereby pledge to re-attain the Selflessness, Esteem, Respect and Stature of those Scouts who proceeded us, and who through their actions gained such renown for the Scouting movement world wide.


Let it be known then, that we as Knights' and attendants of the Scouting Order of Druids will


work to increase our number, through example, leadership and good deeds throughout our lives, so that the dream of what Scouting was, and should be again, Will not fade from memory, on this we pledge our Oath as Knights."




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There is a fraternal organization the "United Ancient of Druids" (UAOD) that sponsors at least Scout troop, Boy Scout Troop 924 in Livermore, CA. This organization IS associated with druidism according to their website. From their website:

Blessings from our Ancient Order. We are a part of the spritual fraternal family, known on this planet as the United Ancient Order Druids, U.A.O.D. (pronounced yew-odd). Our truths come directly from the Bible, and the HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE of our ancient ancestors. Many of these sacred teachings were kept symbolically in the legends of Saint Merlin of England, so that the hidden, true meaning of Christ could be concealed from the profane masses, yet revealed to the deserving few through our mediation. Our rituals reflect our Ancient Brethern's efforts to bring true Christianity to heathen Europe, and the persection they suffered as a result of the SACRED MISSION. Though our origins remain shrouded in the dim mists of antiquity, our written history began in the 17th century as part of a movement to recreate the fraternal family of the "wise ones", practice VIRTUE, and unite to assist others. Our Ancient Bretheren were quite worldly and crafty, posessing many diffrent types of hidden knowledge and true revelations of scripture, making them "wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves" (Mt 10:16). They were to serve as "instructors of the youth and consultants to kings" (Mer 5:13). They were, and many still are, teachersand councilors of the highest caliber and VIRTUE. As Sir Knights, They fought for the oppressed, and taught morality to the barbarians. They began missions to spread knowledge and light to the masses, through the teachings of St. Merlin and our "Red Fez" prophets. By teaching THE SEVEN PRECEPTS OF MERLIN and THE SEVEN STAR POINTS, they were able to redeem those who put into practice these sacred commandments, making them free from all sin. We are proud to carry on the tradition of SERVICE, PURITY, and VIRTUE, following the teachings of the Magi, Magus-Jesus, Merlin, and the Angel of Light and Knowledge.


The link provided above, for the "Black Shamrocks, does seem odd. Maybe they've just started bilding it?

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You're correct, of course, in pointing out that any lodge member of any honor can be appointed to the Vigil nominating committee. However, it's generally usual that the committee members are current Vigil members themselves.


Eagle92 - I'm not sure what you mean by the statement that anyone can nominate a Brotherhood member for the Vigil. All Brotherhood members with the appropriate "time-in-service" should be automatically eligible.

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The committee does not vote on every eligible member.A nomination has to be submitted for consideration.


On the point of my original question.I'm looking for people who may of had personal experience.I already performed the internet search. I'm just curious about how wide spread this group is.

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Just to comment.


I've never heard of a specific Scout Order of Druids, but I would like to comment on their statement that it originated with Baden Powell.

In example, In eastern Europe there has been a small revival of the League of Woodcraft Indians, originally created by Ernest Thomas Setton. After the end of the cold war and opening of eastern Europe, emerging countries looked at Scouts and other organizations to learn outdoor and community service skills. Some adopted Scouting, other neighborhoods sought similar but elitist, closed nature, and separatist groups.


I believe the word Scout(s) is an international generic term with multiple definitions, which has not been trademarked. Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the United States of America, Boys and Girls Club of America, 4H, and etc; I'm pretty sure have been trademarked. The word "Scouts" has not been trademarked.


There are few more Scout organizations in the US (beyond BSA and GSUSA), but their membership is probably fewer than 1000 per these other Scouting organizations. Some of these other Scouting organizations within the US have been mentioned on this forum before; as well as other Scouting blogs and personal webpages. I even think there is a Baden Powell Scouts group in the US, although I can't view their webpage right now. Plus other groups in the US, which have Scouts in their name.


Since other Scouting organizations share some similar ideals as we do, but also have some separate ideals. It is easy to say that any scout organization has some ties with Baden Powell. But Baden Powell only originated one scouting organizations, "The Boy Scout Association" currently known as "The Scout Association" of the United Kingdom. All other scouting organizations can probably say they have used this as their model.


In my opinion...

When someone tells you the "Scout order of the Druids" was originated by Baden Powell himself. They are taking generous liberties and elaborating on the truth (to put it mildly). Anyone who elaborates on the truth, I too would be concerned and cautious about.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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First of all it was not a scout group but "a group of 12 upper classmen" from BP's school called Charterhouse, "they called it the Druids after the name of the first president WW Drew.", " the club died a lingering death two years later as the interests of the members drifted elsewhere." pg 28 Baden Powell, the two lives of a hero. So don't go getting all excited everyone, it doesn't sound like this club ever amounted to anything much, so emb021 your iconic imagery of Baden Powell can remain intact, lol.

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"So don't go getting all excited everyone, it doesn't sound like this club ever amounted to anything much, so emb021 your iconic imagery of Baden Powell can remain intact, lol."


Not sure why you are refering to me as I didn't post in this thread.




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