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  1. Sorry if my last post addressed things you allready knew. Reread rest of posts and realized I may have missed the point.
  2. You haven't earned a rank until after board. Unless it's Eagle that occurs within the troop. One of your jobs as Advancment chair is to arrange these boards and submit unit advancement report to council. once that is done you can get your patches .Next meeting after board is plenty immediate . If it's Eagle he's not officially an Eagle until paperwork is processed at National after his BOR. Did you get supplied with current Advancement guide (released 2011) ?can download from National website. All you need is 3 adult members for board not SM or ASM . Our troop schedules boards as soo
  3. The most important thing is that the candidate sets a good example . I was a chapter advisor for 8 years and the skills section had no bearing on aproving selection. I did appreciate the section being filled out though. I used the information for recruiting adults for specific events. If we were doing a service project that would use carpentry skills it was nice to be able to be able to target people with those skills rather than blindly asking for help. Sometimes the chapter would put on merit badge clinics for district and it helped to know if person was a counci
  4. The group that I started this about is now an Explorer post.This gives them some flexibility with uniform and program. This is a very small group with members from a couple of councils districts.They are not so much an honor society as a leadership focused unit.
  5. It is true that my original entry was not very detailed. As things moved on I believe I clarified things pretty well. Early on I pointed out that I'd done the Web search stuff and that I was looking for anyone who had encountered group directly. It sure looked to me like you(BP) initiated the argumentative tone with Crew21.He had no problem reacting to the baiting it's true. I may of misinterpreted what was going on and I'm sorry for that.I understand that the flavor of open forum does tend toward debate so maybe I should of put it out somewhere else. Though this took twisted pa
  6. I can't believe it BP.You are continuing your self righteous attack on crew21 and giving me advice on something you are clueless about.I am gathering from what I've seen so far that group is not a widely functioning BSA sanctioned group. I also I think we can tell by what's been said so far that aside from using it as an inspiration,current group has nothing to do with the original club. Aside from the structure and using membership as a scout credential I have no problem with them.They are all deeply involved scouts/scouters whose membership in club is based on a mutual concern about wh
  7. Actually I thought I'd made it clear that I've had direct contact with said group. "They've stated that they are not a secret society but membership is invitation from members.These people are self described elite.I've seen nothing but good from the individuals I've encountered but I'm concerned about the closed nature of organization functioning within Scouts."(earlier entry) They are people who have moved into district and are deeply involved in our activities and outdoor committee. I've expressed my concern to main person and he's agreed to sit down with me and address my concerns.
  8. Clarification:My query actually had nothing to do with Druids.The concern is a private club functioning with in scouting that uses membership as a scouting credential. I've pretty much ruled out any connection to Druidism and truthfully if the information on group was open,I would have no problem with Druid connection.
  9. The committee does not vote on every eligible member.A nomination has to be submitted for consideration. On the point of my original question.I'm looking for people who may of had personal experience.I already performed the internet search. I'm just curious about how wide spread this group is.
  10. The following is description I received from member. "If you have a copy of "Baden-Powell" the Two Lives of Hero by William Hillcourt (80th Birthday Edition) On page 28, there is a brief mention of the founding of the Order of Druids. Which was founded, in part by Baden-Powell, in 1873 while attending the private Charterhouse School outside London. Its from the Charterhouse Coat of Arms that the Order of Druids got its own... turning a bend sinister, the red semaphore with celtic fleur de lis over the Charterhouse Arms... Contrary to the name the Order has no affiliations wit
  11. Though the selection for Vigil committee is made up of youth members any scout or scouter can nominate Vigil Candidate
  12. Thanks,I found that. I've been told that it originated with Baden Powell.Their stated goals are admirable but I'm concerned about their structure.From what I've gotten from the ones representing themselves as members of this group it has nothing to do with Druidism. They've stated that they are not a secret society but membership is invitation from members.These people are self described elite. I've seen nothing but good from the individuals I've encountered but I'm concerned about the closed nature of organization functioning within Scouts.
  13. Does anyone know anything about a group called the Scout Order of Druids?
  14. Definitely.This is not the kind of policy I'd make an issue about enforcing.
  15. their explanation says that decision was made after asking some Native Americans but it doesn't say if these represented persons who had any other credentials other than blood lines.They may have gotten different feed back if they asked a different set of people. The ceremonialists I know don't feel comfortable using "Costume"
  16. Eagle92, In your first response to Bob you corrected him on use of term "costume".Personally I agree that it does have an insulting sound to it.I tend to use "regalia".But I've been corrected over the last year and was told that "costume" is the current term accepted by National. Their explanation is in the Guide to inductions revision May 07. Appendix 13 page 7.I refrained from commenting earlier because I only had the verbal reprimand as evidence.I stumbled on this looking for something else.Sorry to be throwing something irrelevant to Bob's needs in to this.
  17. I don't think that the rules are at issue.It's the spirit of things.If a parent wants to come as a nonmember so be it. The parent being told they can't come is wrong. I just feel that if at all possible it would be nice to maintain the exclusiveness.Attempts to insure this should be done tactfully with the understanding that it is not a matter of them not being allowed just a wish that some traditions be respected. I think the parent should at least ask their son if he want's them there understanding that it's preferred that it be members only. If that's done and son agrees then my
  18. artjrk , Your situation is a lot different since you went to your sons ceremonies as a participant.Even though the rule is that there is no secrecy the feeling among members is that the ceremonies are something special reserved for members.There is a level of peer disapproval that could arise if a young man's non member parents insist on being present. Maybe there are some who would like to have their parents there but I know that with my boys the members only part was special for them. When I became member and later my wife the boys were excited that they could share the experienc
  19. I followed my son in to the order.He would have never forgiven me if I'd of gone to his ordeal as a non member.The OA was and is a very personal thing for us.He went through brotherhood at same time I went through ordeal.He was elangomat for a different clan and made a point of not acknowledging my presence when our clans were near.I was given Vigil honor 2 years after him and he was part of my vigil ceremony.This was very special and would not have been so if I had violated the mystery.
  20. it's always been in our Lodge procedures to not deny non member adult from attending son's ordeal.We talk to them and explain the desire to maintain a sense of mystery that their presence may lessen.We reassure them that ceremony does not violate guide to safe scouting and that we would prefer that they trust that.Next if we have to we would show them what the ordeal entails if they still insist we allow their presence. Luckily we have never had to let them attend.All have been satisfied with our request that they help preserve the sense of mystery. With an active scouter we might want t
  21. Correction I was wrong you can earn merit badges and Star to Eagle in Venture program.sorry
  22. Eagle is not a rank earned in Venturing.This would be earned in the troop.
  23. We've had years that only 1/2 our allotment was chosen. The last time that happened was due to not receiving a sufficient number of youth nominations.The selection committee chose all but one of them.There were no side effects other than less work for the Vigil set up crew . It's not always the committee that limits number.I think often people are not submitted to the committee because everyone thought that for sure someone else would nominate them.They can not be selected unless their name is submitted.The forms can be sent in by any registered scout or scouter.
  24. Our troop runs all year round.We have about 20% who are camp staffers during the summer so we are down a few but still able to run summer program.
  25. Rick, By all means join in the fun. In the past few years my camping has been limited by extreme emphysema. I stopped being chapter adviser because I thought they needed someone more able to be physically active.But there are still ways to contribute I attend 3 out of our lodges 5 ordeals I serve by working at registration.I'm an adviser in Lodge for the Lodge Leadership Development committee.I help as an adviser for the chapter's membership VC. The fellowship is awesome and there is always a role for a willing scouter.Don't deny the order your experience and wisdom.You do not nee
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