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Hot Dogs are Banned!?

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Back when I was a scout (in the 70's), my troop banned hot dogs AND hamburgers on camping trips. Both foods are too easy to fall back on, become routine, and show a lack of creativity. The interesting part was how the troop leaders went about the ban. At a unit camping trip (so as not to hear any complaints about time restraints due to camporee activities) each patrol was break out the cost of each meal per person, and keep track of cooking times. The adult leaders did the same thing. The patrol menus all featured such gourmet fare as hamburgers for dinner and hot dogs for lunch, and the typical eggs and pancakes for breakfasts. The adults had chicken for lunch, steak (!!!) for dinner, omelettes one breakfast and crepes for another breakfast. When we sat down on Sunday after breakfast to compare cooking times and cost per person, we lads were astonished to find that the adults had eaten much better than we did for about the same price per person and about the same cooking time. The next campout, and all camputs after that, hot dogs and hamburgers were forbidden - and we all got very very creative with our menus.


I agree with Ed - ban hot dogs (except for the cub scouts)- at least on camp-outs.


Hot dogs while backpacking? Ughhh (who wants squished buns anyway) - for short backpacking trips, let your imagination run wild - try making quesadilla's instead. Look over some recent issues of Backpacker magazine - they have been running articles lately on great foods to make while backpacking.


As for Hebrew National Hot Dogs - they'll do, if you can't get Vienna Beef (all beef!) Hot Dogs - the real secret to a great Chicago dog. The absolute best are the Vienna Beef Jumbo Hot Dogs - when a hot dog tastes good plain (thats without condiments - not even mustard or celery salt), then that's a good dog - and nothing, not even the Hebrew National's, compares to the taste of a plain Vienna Beef Jumbo Dog.



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Awhile back, we had the cubs make their own sausages from scrap, just as bread on a stick,egg in a orange, or on a rock; they had made their own noodles, it is all a learning experince for the boys.

Not every boy is going to eat everything that is place in front of him. Hot dogs are the basic, their cheap, they keep well,you can cook them so many ways, or eat them as they are. Corn dogs dip in chili.

Still a tongue sandwich, or meatloaf are my desires

Keep the Hot Dog

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I don't think I ever said to ban hot dogs. I just don't count preparing them as cooking for any rank or merit badge requirement. I prefer a good brat or kielbasa to a hot dog & I flat out refuse to eat a boiled one.


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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