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Few, if any World groups would face what the BSA has and does.  Our legal system is a mess, and totally illogical in many instances.  Add on the "sympathetic jury" awards, and judges that will not use their legal knowledge to over ride pie in the sky monetary damages, and it is no wonder we have issues.  JMO of course.  Balance, as I continue to suggest, is the key.  


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I just completed a scouting survey.  It included standard questions and asked for recommendations.  It has additional questions for Scoutmasters that dug into collecting feedback about how girls troop

Perhaps it is just my highschool, but as a parent of a teenager I have to say expectations of what teens must do far exceed what was expected of teens 20, 30, 50 years ago.  First, they are expec

In my view, this is just not controversial anymore.  The world changed a long time ago.  BSA also changed; just some pretend it hasn't.  We've had female scoutmasters, female summer camp staff and fem

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