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2 hours ago, Eagledad said:

Fun is a hard concept for adults who don't understand the scouting program. Adults like neat and orderly agendas that have measurable outcomes that tell them if they are succeeding or failing. Unfortunately first class advancement fits that mind set perfectly. Burnt pancakes is messy and means failure.

You said a mouthful!!

But, burnt pancakes aren't a failure!  You just learned a new way you shouldn't make them 😜 

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23 minutes ago, Eagle1993 said:

One thing I do question is BSA’s drive to start new units.   If you have a group of scouts and some willing parent volunteers and Troops really close, it could be better to just join that Troop.  

It’s taken our community’s parents almost a decade (and I think four spun-off troops) to realize that.

That said, I feel bad that the latest troop needed to merge back with us. (The only problem as far as I could tell was that their adult leadership had not fostered replacements.) They met on a different night from us (as opposed to spin-offs 1, 2, and 3), and filled a niche for boys who would be otherwise occupied on our night.

I do think that’s the other formula for growth. Find niches. Unfortunately that kind of insight has to come from the outside. But, with districts as big as they are, nobody is really positioned to tell to troops how to adjust their schedules to attract different youth.

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