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Hey everyone! New merit badge counselor here looking to gain knowledge and more! I am from Arizona, did scouts as a youth member for many years and am now living in Utah after being stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Layton. I'm excited to find a troop soon, and begin sharing my knowledge and experience with the scouts! 

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Welcome to the forums @acollings! I have a lot of friends in Layton from my time at BYU, and my best friend is from AZ, so I am sure there are a lot of connections there - welcome welcome, and don't hesitate to share your experiences and bring you questions and comments here! All are welcome! 😄

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My guidance as a MBC?   

**ALWAYS point to the  posted requirements and ask the Scout how they have fulfilled them?   

***The "Work book pages" are NOT passing the requirements.   Those are for the Scout's benefit in PASSING the requirements, but are NOT the passing.  Prerequisites are ALWAYS good.  The Scout should "Be Prepared"  when they come to you. 

**** Celebrate the accomplishment.  ALWAYS mention the good stuff, then encourage the way to make the not-so-good-stuff GOOD. 

*****Keep yourself available for consultation, but always keep your YP (really AP, yes?) in mind.  Do it in a multi Scout Class whenever possible,  Include dad, mom, another Scouter (or two) in all conferences,  emails and phone conversations.  ASK the Scout if dad/mom is listening. Speakerphone is good, use it.... Do not proceed if they aren't,  smile and wave as you go by. 

******* When mom/dad complain (whoever heard of such a thing) that Scouty needs this MB/ really does understand but has a problem x, y, z,/ needs more time/ doesn't have any more time/ etc. etc.  , ask them if THEY are earning the MB ?  Ask to speak to the Scout.  

******** Remember the Scout Law.... T< L<H<F<C<K<O<C<T<B<C<R.  Prayer never hurts, after all....

Have some fun while your at it...

See you on the trail.

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Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of good ideas, great conversation and a wide diversity of new and experienced Scouters. We look forward to what you will add and learn from participating in the forums.

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