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"Room for One More" (1952) TCM Monday Dec 21

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Set your DVRs: Turner Classic Movies is scheduled to air "Room for One More" (1952) on Monday Dec 21 at 4pm (check your local listings)

According to Wikipedia: Cary Grant adopts a handicapped boy whose life is changed by family and Scouting, becoming an Eagle Scout. Also called "The Easy Way". Astute viewers will also recognize George Winslow who plays a major role in another Scouting movie, "Mister Scoutmaster" (1953).

I have "Room for One More" on DVD and if you've never seen it, I think it will be worth your time. It was made when Hollywood still depicted Scouting in a positive light.

YiS and Happy Holidays!
Fred Goodwin
San Antonio, TX



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