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"Early in my Forum career, I defended the right of any old curmudgeon to post and allow members to evaluate and determine its benefit or lack thereof Then the personal nature of the attacks became clear to me


In a private forum such as this, no one has any "rights" at all, except those bestowed by the owner of the forum. Over the years, Mr. Howerton has been extraordinarily generous in allowing nearly every manner of content to appear here. I would hope no one would object to his miniscule restrictions. Personally, I find it refreshing to see him exercise his rights. I find such restriction a positive step in furthering the objectives of the forum.

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Your behavior puzzles me because of your persistence and defiance of reason after being warned to modify your behaviors. Free speech has boundaries and obviously you have reached them as they exist here. You posted 2,811 times as FOG, plus 422 as yaworski, and you have other names that I am unsure how to add to the list, so you must have a huge amount of free time to spend on the computer. There are so many other sites that you could post on and yet you are drawn to this one specific site. Based on that information, I guess you will miss being here. I must also believe several things about you and your personal life, none are good. I truly wish I could do otherwise.







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