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"Why would you unless you wanted to cause problems or yank peoples chains."


This topic is the perfect example of why active forum moderators are needed. Viewed 220+ times and counting, yet there is absolutely no socially redeeming value at all. It's this kind of junk thread that makes it so tedious to navigate the forum.


I'd like to suggest to the forum management that junk threads such as this be deleted in their entirety. They waste forum resources and waste reader's time.


I don't like having my chain yanked.

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I'm not an IT guy, but I understand it's a simple matter to map IP addresses & quickly determine if multiples are coming from the same computer -- moderator can do that if it's important enough...


I trace the decline in civility to the invention of the telephone -- the computer's only made it worse.



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You can do the same homework I did. Scouter-Terry confirmed back in 2002 that Yaworski and Zorn Packte are the same person. FOG started out [using BobWhite's real name] and had the name taken away from him. He became temp_changed for a short time and then FOG. It is MY opinion as well as others (again, you'll have to do the homework) that they are all five the same person because of the similar wording, writing style, background, "humor", and the overwhelming urge to take swipes at Bob White on a whim. As I said, I can't prove that all 5 are the same guy, but there is no question that 2 were the same guy and the other 3 were one person as well. Everytime anyone has asked, none of the personalities have denied, confirmed or commented. Odd, no? (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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OK, that's about all the rope needed for someone to hang themselves.


Mark Yaworksi was in fact banned from this forum over a year ago. He later returned, and is FOG today.


Yaworski returned with a personal vendetta against some of the forum members, and registered using another member's real name. When I confronted him on this, he insisted that by coincidence it was his own real name, but refused to offer any proof, instead choosing to taunt me. The opportunity (and this point the burden) to prove he is not Mark Yaworski remains, and he may fax me a copy of his driver's license. Of course, he won't be doing this.


When Yaworski started posting as Zorn, he was not smart enough to realize we record the IP address and certain other unique identifiers during every post (things like the browser versions, operating systems and system configuration of the user's computer, etc). So both were banned, explicitly because they violated the rules, and implicitly because of general boorish behavior, with only sporadic contributions that could be deemed worthwhile.


So when Yaworski came back, he wasted my time (and that of the forum) playing these games about his identity, and ultimately changed his user name to Fat Old Guy. Over the course of the last year, FOG has participated in the forums, occasionally adding something meaningful and on some occasion injecting harmless levity. But mostly his posts have been rude, pointless (unless the point was to incite) and insulting. He was given many chances to modify his behavior, including my admonishment 14 months ago when he first came back:

July 9, 2003 - FOG:


Your behavior on the forums is becoming unacceptable. That's unfortunate, because it appears some of your posts contain worthwhile content. However, it's inappropriate to call people names and hurl insults, seemingly for no reason other than animosity. You may disagree with someone and even challenge them on their statements, but it seems since the moment you joined this board you have had a specific grudge against Bob White.


You have even insulted me in the forums ("Internet weenie with no accountability?"), and I frankly don't have the time to waste in such childish banter.


I am beginning to question whether you are who you have represented yourself to be. It seems much more likely that you joined this forum with a specific agenda. It also seems, by the tone and language of your posts, that I have dealt with you before. If that's true, then I am boggled that you think so little of the value of your own time, let alone mine and others.


If in fact this is not an accurate portrayal of you, I recommend you harness your grudge and limit your posts to material that meaningfully contributes. Otherwise, you may be asked to leave the forums.



SCOUTER.com Publisher


So with more tolerance than he ever deserved, Yaworksi returned to the Forums, and continued (though with a slightly less offensive tone) his banter. Subsequent to the message above, I warned him again, and confronted him directly with the knowledge that he was in fact the same person previously banned.


I suppose I should have stopped his participation long ago, but frankly I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking that no seemingly intelligent person could possibly think so little of the value of his own time as to continue to play these sorts of games.


But now that he has decided to return to posting under Yaworski, and for no reason than to continue being the obnoxious playground bully, I'm done wasting time.


This time around, Mr. Yaworski has been smart enough to go down to the Enoch-Pratt Library in Baltimore and use a public computer each time he posts, and then go back to his regular computer (located nearby) to post under FOG, so there would be "no proof". The fact is, we really don't need any further "proof" to expose this charade, and I think nearly everyone has grown weary.


So, Mr. Yaworski, FOG, you are once again (now for at least the third time, officially) asked to leave these Forums. Go find another place to waste your seemingly worthless energies. Please show everyone just a little respect and disappear quietly, instead of wasting more of our time blocking you out of the system.




Publisher, SCOUTER.com


P.S.: Your logins have not been deactivated nor has your IP ranges been blocked yet, as you may wish to apologize to the Forum on your way quietly out the door. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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"I trace the decline in civility to the invention of the telephone -- the computer's only made it worse."


Hmmm, and to think I always attributed it to the use of self service pumps at the gas stations...


Hmmm is right. That would mean New Jersey is one of the most "civil" states in the country because we don't have self-service pumps at our gas stations. Somehow I never thought of "most civil" as one of the top 10 adjectives to describe people in my state. :)


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Early in my Forum career, I defended the right of any old curmudgeon to post and allow members to evaluate and determine its benefit or lack thereof. If you didn't like what was said, squelch or ignore them.


Then came Jason. Then FOG became the senior most member of this Forum. Then the personal nature of the attacks became clear to me, even though we all were warned.


My kind description of FOG as boorish in the "Eagle Rank or Award" thread has now been upheld by none other than Scouter-Terry. It is always a pleasant surprise to be found in such good company.


As to the rest of the explanation- Spot On!

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This "Scouting on line" Or whatever title you want to give it was very new to me when I started. So far it has been very worth while. Even the people that I disagree with and yes FOG or whatever or who ever he or she might be called has at times got me to examine where I am coming from.

Of course you the reader have no way of knowing who I might really be or where I am. I kinda thought that this being a Scouter Forum, that I could trust the people to be what they say they are.

I am very thankful to the Forum for allowing me to meet and make friends with a great number of people that I really respect. I also have a lot of respect for most of the people that post here and I have yet to get close to. Sure there are people that I think are "Out there." Just as I'm sure that there are those who think that I'm a total twit. Most times if someone is getting on our last nerve we can just skip what they post. Very much a case of no harm no foul.

I did notice tonight in another thread that Bob White has posted. It is no secret how much I like and respect Bob White and I am really glad to welcome him back.

Eamonn (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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I am in total agreement with Eammon.


And in the spirit of scouting, I assume he follows the Oath and Law until I have proof otherwise. He says "I kinda thought that this being a Scouter Forum, that I could trust the people to be what they say they are." Trustworthy.


I was shocked into reality at the age of 12 when I took my small patch collection to a Camporee and had it stolen out of my tent by a fellow Scout. I couldn't believe that a Boy Scout could ever do such a thing. I was naive.


In the Eagle Rank discussion, when I quoted a Journal to support a point I was making, FOG decried it implying I was lying or making it up. And when I mentioned that I was an Eagle Scout, he responded with the knowledge of several Eagles in jail or divorced as cheats.


We can disagree without insulting or demeaning each other. That would be the adult AND Scoutlike thing to do. I will also trust until I have reason to do otherwise.

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