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New troop. New opportunity. Advice?

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I’m the CC of a brand-new Scouts BSA troop starting up. The SM and ASM are new to their roles, as am I. We have a founding group of about 5-6 Scouts to start, but as we’re the only girls’ troop serving a three-county district, we have the potential for very rapid growth over the next 2-3 years.

—> What advice would you give to the SM to start off on the right foot and emphasize the patrol method?

—> What can the troop committee do to support and encourage the patrol method?

—> What practices can we put in place from the start that will help guide us to keep the patrol method at the forefront as we grow?


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To clarify: We have no existing traditions, no old guard, no ingrained practices. This is effectively a clean slate to start from, posing a unique and interesting opportunity.

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