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Merit Badge / Advancement tracking app?

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1 hour ago, mrkstvns said:
  On 8/15/2019 at 6:37 AM, qwazse said:

... save pictures of the signed handbook pages and blue cards to a cloud drive that the scout shares with his parents.


Absolutely agree....but even that cloud drive should be backed up to a LOCAL physical media.   ...

Good point. My working assumption is that the device that took the pics in the 1st place is the local media. In fact, some devices have good organizing tools that auto-sync to the cloud. But I've found over time, syncing stops being as pretty as desired.

And, @mrkstvns amplifies the point that things that help a group manage numbers of scouts don't necessarily ensure that information will be available to the scout at all ... let alone in a way the he/she can organize to his advantage.

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