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~New to philmont~

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I'm planning on going to Philmont this summer in June, but I am completely unprepared for it. My crew advisor also wants me to be the crew leader. I've had years of leadership experience, but this is really throwing me into unknown territory. Does anyone have any advice? I'm so helplesly lost. I'm doing all the research I can, but we're also a new crew, and I haven't met with half of our expedition members.

I'm worried I'm going to screw up entirely...and being a girl leading a bunch of boys, I have a certain title to uphold.

If anyone has any advice, I could use some!! Thanks :)

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Welcome to the forum! We're glad you're here, and we'll be happy to give advice.


First, I would say: Be confident in yourself! You'll do just fine and will have a great time. Do you have any friends on the crew who will support you? Get them behind you.


Second, you need to meet with your crew. Get to know them (and vice versa) on a shakedown backpacker or two if possible.


Third, make sure everyone has their med forms done and their gear in line. Download and distribute a suggested equipment list and have all the crew use it to check off their gear. Figure out tent sharing and who is carrying what crew gear. Make sure your crew has good orienteering skills. A GPS is nice but map and compass are essential.


Once you get to Philmont, the great staff will walk you through everything.


Good luck - you will have a blast!

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Practice, Practice, practice.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.


Be familiar with your equipment. Can you put up your tents in the dark? Can you find the one thing you need in your pack without unpacking every time?


Bear bags are funny looking, but a serious responsibility.


10 mountain miles a day can be tough, is the crew physically ready? Know your feet and how to care for them.


The knots, map and compass, and your other Scouting skills are vital - Philmont is not a walk in the park. It's serious enough not to take it lightly.


Work at becoming a cohesive unit, members need to think of their responsibility to the group as well as their own personal journey.


Don't be afraid, be prepared - know what you're in for by talking (like this! ;)) to folks who have been. Read the books, visit the websites. Be mentally familiar with the place, so you can enjoy the adventure.


Think of it as a live action group final exam - you don't need to know everything, but as a group, your crew should be well versed in all your Scout skills. You be the Leadership expert and example.


HAVE FUN!!! Two trips to Philmont were far and away the highlight of my 10 years as a Scout. And now as a Scouter, I still haven't found any better memory.

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You are gonna LOVE IT!


Conditioning conditioning conditioning


if you are on a philmont hike trek...you need to be in shape. You need to have your boots 'broken in' (or is that 'walked in'?) If you need new gear- get it now, so your crew has time to break it all in...no surprises. June gives you a chance for four to six conditioning weekends without giving your life over to the trek. The Crew needs that time to come together.


Depending on the crews' current physical status (are all athletic, in shape or not?) you can perhaps reduce the number of weekends but one can never be in too good of shape for hiking...most should commit to hiking a couple of times a month on their own. Do hills! Lots of hills...tall hills if you can find them!.... and have fun...that's what it is all about...


And now the good part...tell the boys about the stories you keep hearing about scouts and scouters not getting out of base camp 'cause they were out of shape or had altitude sickness.

Set your own conditioning schedule and tell the guys you intend to be able to lend them all a hand when they need a bit of help...and watch most of them train 25% harder!

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