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  1. actually, there were several complaints from scoutmasters because the camp's two pay phones were always full of (usually) first year long-term campers. Scoutmasters' opted to use their cell phones, but there was zero reception. In the case of emergency, there are, at any place in camp, several buildings around with working phones. Scouts don't need cell phones for emergencies. Plain and simple. Scoutmasters maybe, but probably not. This is why my father, a scoutmaster with many years experience under his belt, has forbid them and any other electronic devices on campouts. So instead o
  2. Check out Ransburg Scout Reservation. www.ransburgbsa.org There's COPE, a ranch, waterfront with waterskiing, and a Ranger program.
  3. The camp I go to just put in a cell phone tower last year because reception was so bad. If that's not promoting, I don't know what is.
  4. I've been a swimming counselor at a summer camp for the last two years. I teach thousands of kids each summer, and I've taught many that were deathly afraid of water. I would work with the kid, and not look for alternative solutions. Start slow, and move upward. I've spent three hours before just trying to get one kid to get near the water. As for the mask, during the swim tests many kids use them. Many adults, too, for that matter. It's either something they're used to using or a mask can sometimes provide scouts with a feeling of protection.
  5. Firecrafter was started by a very respected scouting executive, Francis O'Belzer. There's a Cub Scout camp in Indianapolis named after him. Firecrafter is designed to test the firebuilding, character, and outdoors skills of scouts. Acheiving different ranks requires hours of community service; a dedication to friendship, leadership, and service; and a willingness to help younger scouts in their ranks. It's a highly respected organization to many people, like OA. You're right, it does honor scout skills, as OA values scout spirit.
  6. Has anyone ever heard of Firecrafter? I know that it's very popular in some of the mid-west, but I don't think many people have heard of it elsewhere. It's a very good organiztion. It's structured somewhat similarly to OA. check it out- www.firecrafter.org
  7. I'm planning on going to Philmont this summer in June, but I am completely unprepared for it. My crew advisor also wants me to be the crew leader. I've had years of leadership experience, but this is really throwing me into unknown territory. Does anyone have any advice? I'm so helplesly lost. I'm doing all the research I can, but we're also a new crew, and I haven't met with half of our expedition members. I'm worried I'm going to screw up entirely...and being a girl leading a bunch of boys, I have a certain title to uphold. If anyone has any advice, I could use some!! Thanks
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