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2 minutes ago, mrkstvns said:

Powdered peanut butter, eh?  I've never heard of such a thing....is it sold in grocery stores?

Yes, I've seen it in grocery stores and there are several brands. I have some that's chocolate flavored that's Jif in my cupboard right now. I think PB2 is the leading national brand. It can be ordered on Amazon too. Vitacost.com has its own brand as well as carrying the national brands. It's good for a lot of stuff.

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A guy in our troop went backpacking with us and convinced me that daily protein is an important number when going for more than a weekend. I felt much better on that trip at the end. For a strenuous t

The southern alternative to this is grits. (although you shouldn't put freeze-dried fruits in it).

Maybe not, but grits are mighty tasty when you boost up the calories by adding butter, chese, and crumbled bacon.

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1 hour ago, DuctTape said:

the powdered pb is nasty IMO. 

Agreed.  My troop prefers the single-serve PB cups (Jif or Skippy).

I'll risk hijacking this "breakfast" thread by noting the single-serve PB cups, along with restaurant-type jellies and a tortilla (or the mini-rolls of ritz crackers) make for great PBJ lunch.

Safety tip:  When taking PB cups to altitude, be sure to pack them in a ziplock and consider puncturing the lids with a pin-prick.  We didn't and found a mess upon arriving to basecamp in the Sierras.

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As straight peanut butter to dip carrots into or something, I think you're right. It misses the mark as far as flavor and texture. But as a mix-in for hot cereal, it's an awesome boost of protein and blends more easily than a traditional peanut butter. And it's lighter for backpacking. I use it as an ingredient a lot but it hasn't placed my Costco sized jar of Adams Chunky. 

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