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So I resigned as CM

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I chose to resign as CM this morning after a difficult committee meeting last night.  I couldn't sleep well.  There is an ACM who was on deck to take the role in February so it's just shortening things by a few months. My issues are a few:  a few very negative, new committee members, a divisive feeling in the committee overall for more than a year, and the feeling that I would be able to do nothing to relieve the negative sentiment. Some folks think the Pack is terrible.  Parts of the Pack are rough (pack meetings, kind of, for a lot of reasons), but I like to see the glass as half full. Rather than get sucked in and become unfriendly and discourteous, I felt it was better to leave immediately.

Volunteers who go unappreciated, unthanked and are not handled with kindness do not last forever. This might be a learning experience for the Pack leadership, but it might not be, either.  I am OK with that.  I will be OK sleeping at night, and I will be OK helping out on very specific tasks if I'm asked to.

Now I will be better focused on supporting my youngest's den leader, and working on  Wood Badge / Boy Scout committee stuff. Yay!

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That always sucks when you can't go out happy. However, it's much better to go out discouraged rather than burning bridges and absolutely angry. Enjoy the break. You'll find other things to help with.

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Sorry to hear how it finished but I agree it is better to leave a bit early than too late.  Good to hear you had a replacement ready.

Hey, as far as other things to do, Would you be interested in serving as a FOS Chair for another pack in your state??  👍😀  Our committee meetings are at a German Bierhaus and we would cover the first round!


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You've done your best to work through it. You've ensured there is adequate succession for the pack. Well done. 

Going forward, from Cubs to Boy Scouts, it's a big transition if you haven't already been involved with the Troop. Take some time to get adjusted, and to de-stress from your cub pack time. 

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