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Contagious Disease Outbreaks

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A NY state bill would require campers to be immunized against over 10 different diseases, including measles and pertussis.

"It is a really small handful for us," said BSA Seneca Waterways Council CEO Stephen Hoitt. "But there is a number of families who take that, fill out their religious declaration form and we accept that at this point."

Regulated camps, like those run by Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts and the YMCA are all monitored by the state health department. All require immunization records and a physical exam completed within 12 months of the camp session.

"Health and safety of the entire group is really the number one priority for us," said Hoitt. "We've always taken the stance to review every kid’s medical record on the way in and make sure that we're properly prepared as a result of it."

The proposed bill would not go into effect until this October.


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This could quickly turn into an I&P thread at this rate, but as a health professional, I am going to say that I also believe that the BSA should come out as pro-vaccination.  High vaccination rate

I was a member of that first wave of recipients of the polio vaccine. Then shortly later, the Sabin vaccine. At school everyone got the Sabin vaccine. I remember it well. We all lined up and walked pa

The BSA is already pro-vaccination, thank goodness. See Public Health merit badge, requirement 2.

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