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Tales of Scouts: Oreo the Goat

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RANDOLPH, NJ- A town Facebook post regarding a wayward “Oreo the Goat" sparked a local social media frenzy  for two weeks.

Some nicknamed her the “E-scape Goat” ...One commenter affirmatively stated that goats like to eat poison ivy, to which others responded begging the goat to come to their yard. When the owner was identified and the lost animals' name was revealed ( Oreo ) that took on a life of its own with cookie jokes and comments such as “I Stand With Oreo”@NJCubScouter ?  :)) coming out of the woodwork.

After a special Board of Education meeting created its own social media stir on a topic surrounding the schools, one resident posted “I support the Goat for BOE”, further stating, “Clearly she likes to run”.  That sparked others to start #VoteTheGoat.

Scouts Spring Into Action

On the afternoon of Tuesday June 4, Oreo was walking up Knights Bridge Road when the two Boy Scouts , 14-year old Christian Geuther (Troop 109), and his friend 15-year old Andrew Arzberger (Morristown Troop 34), spotted her.  

Along with Geuther’s German Shepard, the scouts gave chase, following her into the woods. Once they had Oreo tired out from running, and resting in a small ravine, Arzberger sprinted back up to Geuther’s house to get a rope. 

Geuther then tied a slipknot learned in Boy Scouts, to make a loop to fit over Oreo's head, while Arzberger stepped on a small tree/shrub so that Oreo could not run forward when they put the rope around her head.

But after spending over 10 days on the loose, Oreo had no intentions of going easily and wasn't very cooperative.  The two boys struggled to get her out of the woods as she tried to run and dragged them with her for a bit. Ultimately, she cooperated, and they led her out of the woods as Animal Control was arriving at the scene.

A few steps out of the woods, Oreo didn’t want to walk anymore, so Geuther, who since the age of five has worked with farm animals, (mainly cows on a dairy farm in NY State), picked her up like a baby and carried her the rest of the way. 

“I was happy to help get Oreo safely back home and hope to visit her soon,” said Geuther.  Arzberger stated, “We were lucky that Oreo was in the area, and I’m glad that I was able to help reunite her with her family.”

More details and photos at source link  The Saga of Oreo Ends...


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