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Northern Tier Staff Tips

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Hello everyone,

Justt wanted to make a quick thread about Northern Tier. I staffed Philmont last summer on Conservation Staff and had a blast I was a little underprepared to staff because i came right off the trail when they hired me but i made last summer work. Northern Tier just hired me for the summer of 2018 as an Interpreter and I wanted to ask former staff memebers here on what I’ll Really need for this summer. Besides what they send you for packin list, I kind of only want to take what I’ll need for the whole summer and what I can make work since I’ll be takin a greyhound to get up there. I’m honestly super excited to be in the Northern Woodlands but have never experienced any type of camping in that area so I’m super nervous. Tips from current staff or Alumni?

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Welcome and thank you for talking about your journey, and best wishes for a great summer!!!   I have seen a few YouTube videos about Northern Tier.   Also, I think you should feel free to call  or email their director and ask some questions directly about getting ready for the job.   Best wishes and thank you for staffing!!! 

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Two differences between Northern Tier and Philmont are mosquitoes and water.

When the sun goes down by the lakes, the mosquitoes can turn the experience into a horror movie. So do some research for protecting yourself, treated long pants and shirts and head gear are a few usggestions. Your foot gear takes a much harder beating in the wet environment of the Northern Tier. As a result, boots and water shoes wear out much faster. Ask your camp leader for advice on boots. And, socks are very very important because your feet will be constrained in a damp environment. We used Smartwool socks with liners. At least two pair so one pair would be drying. But I'm old, I think three pair are better, so you have a dry pair for just around camp. 

Those are the big differences between the two camps just off the top of my head. 

Oh, you can take a bath every day in the Northern Tier. Ahhhhhh!


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