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can a CO change the rules? if so, how far?

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25 minutes ago, DuctTape said:

I do not model this with the scouts or others.

Neither do I. If it wasn't for the badges on the uniforms, a casual observer of my unit might have had a difficult time picking out the leaders. Leadership in most tasks was based more on skill level than unit rank.

But if there was a serious problem or disagreement, we would immediately revert back to our formal rank structure. 


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1 hour ago, perdidochas said:

and it sounds dangerous to me, in terms of YPT. 

That's a valid point. Scouting was organized (in the USA) with this system of Chartered Organization ownership long before YPT came into existence. I'm sure there are many who feel that the two are incompatible. It wouldn't be the first (or only) time that BSA has instituted contradictory and/or incompatible policies.


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