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Who Should Attend Committee Meetings

Committee Meeting Attendance  

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  1. 1. Should Den Leaders Attend Committee Meetings

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    • No

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The Work Is Done By Whoever Shows Up.  That's the first thing.   If you are blessed with an active , involved bunch of parents, how could you deny them the privilege of ?being there"?

Things Done In Secret Are Always Suspect.    Are they talking about me? Why do things in secret?   Transparency in decisions is always desirable. That's democracy.

Who knows where the money is or went?   The dues are paid by the membership, EVERYONE deserves  to know where they went.   The Unit Treasurer needs to be the most visible, transparent of the Unit Officers.  The Unit Committee is where he/she makes the report, yes? 

It has been my experience that if ANYONE and EVERYONE  is welcomed and invited to attend,  the folks that DO attend to the business of the Unit will be more trusted and be more able to make decisions and deal with things more expeditiously.  

Invite all, be surprised if all attend.....  

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Echoing others above, yes DL's should be in the Comm meetings if you are wanting to implement a cohesive and successful program. Too much happens at the den level to not consider and include them in Pack planning. Pack events and activities should complement what the dens are doing and that can't happen without their input.

Transparency is your best tactic in avoiding any conflict or suspicions of less-than-noble behavior. Any and all parents are open to attend our meetings. Even though they typically do not (which is fortunate as the room is already pretty full!), knowing they can has allayed any concerns from families.


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On 2/3/2018 at 11:04 PM, 5thGenTexan said:

Is it always appropriate for den leaders to attend den meeting or just let the committee members do their thing and tell the den leaders what they need to know?  If a den leader is there should they provide any input or suggestions or just sit in the back and be quiet?


(Asking as a 1st year Den Leader)

Packs should have two different types of adult meetings--committee meetings for the committee, and leadership meetings for the den leaders.  Committee meetings are monthly, leadership meetings--at least two in the summer, preparing for the fall, and maybe 1 a quarter after that. 

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