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I think you need to get a lot more information about what it is the Pack is "supposed" to pay the Troop for.

There is a possibility that no one's brought up yet - if your Pack has "Scout Accounts" where a portion of any fundraising you do is set aside on a per cub basis to help them pay for things like registration, outings, day camp, etc., it may be that the Pack at some point agreed to forward any money in those "Scout Accounts" to the Troop if the boy crosses over.


My suggestion would be to flat out eliminate the Scout Accounts - they're a record keeping nightmare, and are mostly skirting on the wrong side of IRS regulations.  Unless the Scout is depositing their own money in the accounts (in which case they should get whatever they haven't spent back when they leave the Pack), fundraising money belongs to the Pack.  If a Scout were to crossover then leave the Troop after 2 months, you would be enriching the Troop's coffers at the expense of the Pack.

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On 12/8/2017 at 2:34 PM, Amynh said:

Is  a cub scout pack under the same charter as a boy scout troop  have to give money to the troop or the charter other than dues for rechartering puropses?


Separate charter from the Troop.  The cub scouts shouldn't have to give money to the troop.  They do have to pay a rechartering fee each year.

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