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Best tent for Scoutmaster

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Yep, just lent my canoes out to a family that had young children and they are headed to the BWCA this month.

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Quivira Scout Ranch is my council's camp and no, they have never had tents or platforms, except for staff.  Our troop went to Lewis and Clark in South Dakota last year and they didn't provide tents either.  I think in the midwest it's hit and miss on camps that do provide tents.  I've been looking into out of council camps for next summer and I'm finding that about half of them have tents and half don't.

At QSR it's good to be in an enclosed sleeping area since there are tarantulas, snakes, ticks, and scorpions.  And the campsites aren't all in areas where you could easily hang a hammock.  Some have lots of trees but some don't.  Any tent you bring you'll want to make sure you bring a ground cloth to put under it, some of the campsite are rocky and since there was just a wildfire there last month there could still be some stubbly vegetation in some sites.  I know from experience that the stubble will poke right though the bottom of a tent.
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All the council camps in the part of the world use the green, two-man canvas tents from B.S.A. Supply.  


No insect netting.  


Mist comes through in heavy rain (Bring the blue tarps!).  


Rot in a few years so they have to be replaced.


I have an ancient Eureka Nylon "Cabin Camper" - an 8 x 8 wall tent.   We bought it decades ago for family camping and when the coating started to smell sorta' organic, it became the Summer Camp Tent. I have recoated it twice.  Still keeps the bugs and rain out.  I use six pieces of 8" x 8" x 1/2" plywood to keep cot legs from puncturing the floor.  Including the plywood, it weighs only a pound or two more than the two-man canvas floorless "Explorer" I packed as a Scout.

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