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I'm just gonna say, please don't buy your sons huge backpacks! The Alps Redtail 4900 is 80 liters. I have no idea why anyone would need or want an 80L pack unless maybe they were doing winter mountaineering and had to carry ropes, crampons, ice axe, etc. That Osprey was 75 liters. Again, that's huge! Those packs weigh a heck of a lot too. Would you really want to weigh your 12 year old son down with a 5+ pound pack?


There really isn't much of a reason to ever need more than 60L. Needing large, heavy packs is pure myth and should be avoided. REI really is doing a disservice selling these packs to the unknowing public. It's really sad. The pack manufacturers too.


Another thing, large packs tend to get filled up with more stuff which just means more weight to carry.


Here's something, I sewed my own backpack. It weighs only 9.5 oz. I've taken it on a five day backpack with all the food and gear I needed fitting in it just fine. Total weight at the start was maybe 27 lb. and that was with group gear I normally wouldn't carry.


If you want to enjoy backpacking with your family, then go light and avoid all this heavy stuff that will just turn them off from the activity.

My 85l pack weighs less than comparable lesser packs. When packed properly I have a full weight of 40# including food for a week. The extra space is nice to have just in case. Great for bulkier winter gear.

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All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment specifically the Field Pack - 8465-001-6480 - medium on a frame.  I've found the Medium A.L.I.C.E. can do double duty as a weekend backpack and a

I think I scared off Youngest from backpacking. Don't know what happened between when The family left for their trip, and when I met up with oldest, but he doesn't want to carry everything on his back

To which your family graciously declined their offer and slept outside where the adventure is....??????   I just took my Webelos AOL candidates out on their overnight camping adventure and woke up t

My 65L pack weighs under 4 pounds.  Have more than enough room for a 6 day trek.  Go lighter if you can.


80L = just under 3200 cubic inches.


A pretty standard school pack is 1800 cubic inches


Kelty "Kids" pack has just over 2000 cubic inches. (torso 9-14") WHICH IS GOOD A 3 POUNDS, 6 OUNCES

Kelty Yukon 48 pack (13-19" torso) is 2900 cubic inches WHICH WEIGHS A WHOPPING 5 POUNDS, 1 OUNCE

Kelty  Yukon Trekker 65 (16-22" torso) is 3950 cubic inches AND WEIGHS 5 POUNDS, 5 OUNCES

All external frame so items can go below and above the pack.


The Eureka 30 degree Lone Pine sleeping bag is slightly over 1000 cubic inches


In contrast, the Osprey Ace 50 weighs 2 POUNDS 15 OUNCES and the Granite Gear V.C. 60 weighs 2 POUNDS, 4 OUNCES


I tell my scouts to think in terms of pound miles.  The difference between the Kelty Kids pack and the Osprey Ace on a 20 mile trek is over 8 pound miles.  The difference between the Grantie Gear V.C. 60 and the Kelty Trekker 65 is 61 pound miles.  

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