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David CO

Vatican Scouts?

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I don't think so.  


We all believe BSA is a fairly good program for our youth.  Some units do better than others at providing that program.  But I think there are also many other programs out there that can do equally well with an outdoor type program as the BSA does and I'm thinking that it is taking a bite out of BSA's membership because what was once a program that everyone emulated it is now just another competitive program for youth of today.


These St. George kids are no different than the Pioneers of the Lutheran persuasion or the TrailLifeUSA of the non-denominationals. GSUSA is beginning to see some importance in an outdoor program, KAMO is a new organization in the upper midwest that is taking hold.  4-H is also making a comeback.  BSA continues to decline......  It's kinda good that other organizations are picking up the slack as BSA slowly bleeds out due to it's lack of various programatic problems.  


To think that a group is "just" father/son camping implies that BSA is just a bunch of latent adolescent adults running around in the woods playing with dorky boys that maybe someday will do an Eagle project and get their name in the paper.  :)


It's kinda too bad BSA is ending up just another after school youth program. 

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