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New SM Specific Training, Why Now?

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I just got a copy of the new SM specific training syllabus. For those who may know, my question is: WHY NOW? (caps for emphasis) We all know that changes are coming ot the Boy Scout program in 2016/17, so why come up with a new syllabus now? For the most part the content is OK, short but good, but I ask the question because one section, Advancement, will need to be changed when the new requirements come out next year. Wouldn't it make better sense to wait a year?

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The old syllabus was awful. Changes were supposed to be made years ago. There were leadership changes at Corporate. At least we're off the dime.


The section on the Patrol Method is better but sad. Does not even have the objective of defining or explaining the Patrol Method - and it does not.

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Twocubdad, we are still waiting for the syllabus for the district-level youth leader training, the old syllabus having been recalled as it did not fit the third version of Wood Badge (the eleven "leadership skills" were now passe.)


Until recently, the Baloo and OWl syllabi were full of obsolete material - years out of date.


We may not be good, but at least we're slow

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