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Donations from Troop to Cub and Venture??

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One other idea.. First off if your CC has 2 friends on committee, you need the Treasurer and 2 other committee members.. But, vote for a 2 signer checking account. And have signers be treasurer, CC (if you must), SM, and if one more someone not of the CC's buddy group.. This is a good checks & balance if you are questioning missing funds..


The CC doesn't have a vote on the committee except to break a tie. Therefore if she only has two friends who can vote, but you have 3 who can vote, you will out number them.


Also if the CC is bringing in Friends from outside the troop "parents".. You can vote for parents only -or- if the friends are of the CO (members of the church or whatever the CO is).. Then your COR might push for parents or CO members.. But, you can limit the committee to not include people off the street that the CC just drags in to stack the deck.

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For your reference, here's how our crew handled finances. It made for a bumpy road because various adults who were great at solving problems were forced out of the equation, but it poured could water on any "drama sparks" before there were flames to fan ...

Registration/transfer fees were paid up front by the interested members (a couple of boys and girls and their families who wanted to go on a high adventure). Other expenses were paid by the venturers.

While we were waiting for the paperwork to go through, the troop treasurer accounted for funds being collected for the HA. He also helped our crew treasurer handle accounts.

As guests of another crew, some boys went on a different HA that came in under budget and donated the surplus to the crew. I asked any other potential donors to wait for the crew president (the lead YOUTH in venturing) to present a plan for how the money would be spent.

Other troop leaders have offered equipment and time, I made it clear that they were not to lift a finger for the crew until approached by a youth requesting them to do so.

So my advice to you is that your committee only hear from venturers regarding requests for financial support. Tell your CC flat out that you will oppose any adult-initiated requests for support for what is supposed to be an organization lead by youth and young adults.

I'm sure if a crew officer presented even a half-baked plan of how they would use their start-up funds, you all would give them assistance. But aside from knowing the crew schedule so you all can plan your calendars accordingly, if there is no youth at the table your committee should not dwell much at all on how the crew's doing.

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