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  1. I appreciate your honest input. It validates the concerns many of us have. The committee chair has appointed two of her friends to the committee (advancement chair and general member) - and those friends support whatever the CC wants. When the CC asked the committee to provide $200 to the cubs, they were outraged that I asked for cub parents or at least their cub leader or committee chair to come to introduce themselves to us before we committed $ to them. The CC's friend was outraged and lectured me on how boys in the boys and girls club don't have any money and can't do this without financia
  2. The Pack is under a differen CO - the Boys and Girls Club. It was not initiated by the parents; it was 'sold' by our CC. I thought scout organizations couldn't solicit for donations?
  3. The CO just doesn't have the bandwidth to start a cub pack. The CC went to the Boys and Girls Club across the street and sold the idea to them. Same troop number, different CO. She thinks it will be a feeder pack, but we already have a pack in the community with no troop - which we could simply court. Seems like a lot of work to start a whole new pack, especially when there are no parents initiating it. The Troop CC says she is an advisor, but when she asked for the donation, she was the one who spoke for the group. Only one other person was there from the pack - a past Troop scout, who she r
  4. The Pack is with a different CO. Does that change the answer? The Venture Crew is in our CO. The background is that our Committee Chair is trying to start the Cub Pack and the Venture Crew. However, many on the committee are not on board. Some are also concerned that she's been using Troop money and making promises to these groups without going through the Committee first. We want to strengthen our own Troop, which is in desperate need of focus and basic infrastructure. We're concerned that her attention and time with the Cub and Venture are distracting her attention and ours -
  5. Can a BSA Troop donate money to a Cub Pack? Can the Cub Pack accept the funds? Same for a Venture Crew...can they accept donations from the Troop?
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